Peeps Week: Peeps Mood Rings

Each day this week we bring you a daily dose of Peepsification as part of Peeps Week 2011.

Anyone who's been an eleven-year-old girl at some point understands the power of a mood ring. How else would you know if you're feeling excited, stressed, or unsettled? The rings change colors in response to your body temperature thanks to a thermochromic element such as liquid crystal.

As far as we know marshmallows do not contain any thermochromic elements but Peeps Mood Rings are very revealing of the wearer's emotional state.

How to make: Start with a Ring Pop, remove the candy bling part, and just start impaling different colored Peeps. Check out the slideshow or click on the moods below to understand what each color says about you.

Peeps Mood Ring Decoder

Special thanks to hand model / SE intern Kayla who, it should be clarified, does have five fingers though in many of these shots she appears to only have three.