Los Angeles: 16 Doughnuts We Love

Tucked into nearly all of the ubiquitous strip malls in Los Angeles is some sort of fried dough purveyor. From the old-school with pink boxes to the gourmet bakery to that uniquely California mash-up, the Chinese food and doughnut shop. This town is nuts for doughnuts.


[Photographs:Rebecca Fishman, this page; others Katie Robbins, unless noted]

But come spring, L.A.'s doughnut mania reaches a fever pitch when Glendora's famed Donut Man, 74-year old Jim Nakano, starts selling his seasonal strawberry specialty. To make these ephemeral beauties—available as long as Southern California's strawberries are ripe, juicy and bursting with flavor—Nakano slices his signature airy raised doughnut in half and stuffs it full of scarlet berries that he's soaked in a sweet, gooey glaze.

In honor of prime doughnut season in Los Angeles, we bring you our favorites from long thin churros to massive chocolate chip filled doughnut bombs, all in the slideshow.

(Mind you, this list is limited to doughnut specialists or take-out bakeries. We'll save our sit-down fried dough picks for another list.)

The Doughnuts

Best Local Chain: Yum Yum Donuts »
Best Cake: Bob's Coffee & Doughnuts »
Best French Cruller: Doughnut Hut »
Best Jelly: Stan's Donuts »
Best Seasonal Specialty: Donut Man »
Best Churro: Mr. Churro »
Best Buttermilk: Gladstone Donut House »
Best Doughnut Sandwich: Natas Pastries »
Best Glazed: Tasty Donut »
Best Chocolate Creation: Donut King »
Best Doughnut for Teatime: Patisserie Eguchi »
Best Raised: Randy's Donuts »
Best Cream-Filled: Doughnut Hut »
Best Gonzo Doughnut: Stan's Donuts »
Best Cream Puff: King's Donut & Deli »
Best in Show: Primo's Donuts »

The Map

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