Gallery: Serious Eats Staff Picks: Favorite Chocolate Candy Bars

<a href=J. Kenji Lopez-Alt, Twix" title="J. Kenji Lopez-Alt, Twix" class="lazyload"/>
J. Kenji Lopez-Alt, Twix

"Don't ask yourself what are you going to do today, ask yourself what aren't you going to do," goes that commercial from the 80s. Certainly not eating a pair of caramel covered cookies covered in chocolate is not one of the things I'm not doing. Or wait. It is one of the things I'm not not doing. Or you know what I mean. Twix are delicious, and you get two of them in every pack. It's like half price sushi without the scary after-effects.

<a href=Ed Levine, Newman's Own PB Cups" title="Ed Levine, Newman's Own PB Cups" class="lazyload"/>
Ed Levine, Newman's Own PB Cups

This is what Reese's would taste like if it was made with dark chocolate instead. And if the peanut butter filling wasn't so sweet. They come in a three-pack that I sometimes pick one up at the grocery store.

<a href=Alaina Browne, Ritters Sport Milk Chocolate with Almonds" title="Alaina Browne, Ritters Sport Milk Chocolate with Almonds" class="lazyload"/>
Alaina Browne, Ritters Sport Milk Chocolate with Almonds

Does Ritter Sport Milk Chocolate with Almonds count as a candy bar? If so, it's my favorite! Almonds and chocolate FTW!

<a href=Adam Kuban, Ritters Milk Chocolate with Cornflakes" title="Adam Kuban, Ritters Milk Chocolate with Cornflakes" class="lazyload"/>
Adam Kuban, Ritters Milk Chocolate with Cornflakes

Yes it's snobby. Whatever.

<a href=Erin Zimmer 100 Grand" title="Erin Zimmer 100 Grand" class="lazyload"/>
Erin Zimmer 100 Grand

These were tough to come by on Halloween night—only the jackpot houses handed them out. I liked Nestle Crunch bar a bunch growing up, then I discovered this had the same crispity rice-puffed glory going on, but multiplied by stretchy caramel innards.

<a href=Robyn Lee, Whatchamacallit" title="Robyn Lee, Whatchamacallit" class="lazyload"/>
Robyn Lee, Whatchamacallit

I think as a kid I thought Whatchamacallits were the best, but that may have mostly been because of the name. I'm channeling my 7-year-old self on Halloween.

It'd be easier to say what aren't my fave chocolate bars. Not Snickers, not Milky Way, nor Kit Kats, or Twix (actually Twix aren't bad, just that I OD-ed on them when I was little because we got a huge box from Costco and I ate them all the time), or Butterfinger, or..uh..yeah.

Oh, Crunch bars! I like crunch bars too.

<a href=Carey Jones, Toblerone" title="Carey Jones, Toblerone" class="lazyload"/>
Carey Jones, Toblerone

I grew up hating chocolate—and peanut butter, in fact, and I was mocked in elementary school as "not a real kid" because I refused to eat them. So by the time I developed a taste for candy bars, I found myself preferring more "adult" versions, my favorite of which has long been Toblerone. Creamy Swiss milk chocolate, little bits of nougat, and conveniently scored little triangles; what's not to love?

<a href=Maggie Hoffman, Kit Kat" title="Maggie Hoffman, Kit Kat" class="lazyload"/>
Maggie Hoffman, Kit Kat

Eaten layer by layer. I also like to eat Junior Mints that way, first the top, then the bottom, then the middle.

<a href=Erin Adamo, Take 5" title="Erin Adamo, Take 5" class="lazyload"/>
Erin Adamo, Take 5

Caramel and Chocolate are delicious. Peanuts/Peanut Butter and Chocolate are delicious too. So all of it together = delicious....and wait there's a little salty crunch in there too?! The salt on the pretzel acts as a little palate cleanser so the other elements taste even better! And if I had to pick a #1 favorite fancy bar, Chocolove's dark chocolate bar with salted almonds!

<a href=Christine Tsai, Another Kit Kat" title="Christine Tsai, Another Kit Kat" class="lazyload"/>
Christine Tsai, Another Kit Kat

I like Kit Kats because they've got the best chocolate to wafer ratio, they're not too sweet, and they have a nice crunch. And I just like breaking off those Kit Kat bars. What can I say, the marketing works on me. :) Plus, now they sometimes have really cool flavors like Green Tea, Cherry Blossom, and Chestnut.