When You Can't Get a Shamrock Shake Anymore: Dean & Deluca's Mint Chip Maltballs


[Photograph: Jenny McCoy]

My favorite ice cream of all time is Mint Chocolate Chip—it always has been, always will be. (Anyone else?) And when blended into a shake with a heavy-handed dash of malt powder, I'm in heaven. It's my version of a gourmet Shamrock Shake, that amazing blend of frozen vanilla soft serve, peppermint flavoring, and green dye at select McDonald's during St. Patty's time.

So this week, when I stumbled upon a tin of bright green Mint Chip Maltballs at Dean & Deluca ($4.50; available year-round) I was ecstatic.

I had already stopped at McDonald's to see if by some miracle, they had Shamrock Shakes in stock (finding a location serving them can be something of an emotional roller coaster). Unfortunately, they did not.

It's nice to know that I can pop these little pebble-like candies in my mouth and almost taste my favorite milkshake. They have a nice creamy, artificial mint-flavored candy coating that covers a thin layer of milk chocolate that encases a crunchy malted milk ball.

The best way I can describe them is Andes Candies meets the Whopper. Mmm.

Any other favorite mint-chocolate treats out there?