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"Single bean chocolate varieties are replacing blends, and the result is fascinating."


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While in London, I stumbled upon a great coffee shop that specializes in single-origin coffee, brewed not by the pot, but by the single cup. To my delight, I also found a small latte bowl, filled with little stacks of single-origin chocolate samplers wrapped in candy-colored paper, at the register.

The "pyramide des tropique," a selection of ten bite-sized chocolates made by the French company Pralus, is a fantastic way to introduce yourself to the newest trend in quality chocolate—single origins. Many companies have long been prized for their exotic blends of cacao from around the globe, but lately the focus has become much simpler.

Single bean chocolate varieties are replacing blends, and the result is fascinating. The flavors are just as complex and eating my way through the ten countries was quite a discovery.

Upon the first few bites, some of the chocolates didn't seem that different. But as I nibbled into a few more, my palate experienced an expansion of sorts. As I tasted the rest and returned to the originals, finding all the flavors very unique.


If you love dark chocolate as much as I do, get your hands on some. Here are my tasting notes for each:

Trinidad: Deep bitter tar flavor with distinct smoky notes.
Papousie: Soft, creamy texture with a light coffee bean flavor.
Venezuela: Quick-melting and mild with a clean cocoa flavor and black cherry finish.
Indonesie: Intensely smoky with dark, tangy berry flavors.
Ghana: Musty, cinnamon bark scent with a smooth earthy flavor.
Colombie Sweet, buttery caramel with toasty undertones.
Sao Tome & Principe: Earthly, black truffle flavors with a black tea and honey aroma.
Tanzania: - Bright red licorice flavor with a minty, cooling finish.
Madagascar: Smooth, creamy cocoa flavor with red berry notes and a vanilla bean aroma.

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