The Great Strawberry Ice Cream Debate


Are strawberry ice cream lovers doomed to Neapolitan packs for their berry fix? Photograph from Wikimedia Commons

There's a fiery internal debate concerning strawberry ice cream going on here at Serious Eats World Headquarters that we'd like the Serious Eats community to settle. I am a huge fan of strawberry ice cream. When it's good, strawberry ice cream is as good as ice cream gets. That means it has an intense strawberry flavor, is magnificently creamy and smooth, and avoids the classic strawberry ice cream pitfall of having too many frozen chunks of not-very-sweet strawberry.

The other serious eaters in the office beg to differ.

They believe that strawberry ice cream does not deserve consideration for entry into the ice cream hall of fame. Furthermore, they believe that the marketplace bears out their opinion. First, they said they couldn't even find strawberry ice cream in supermarkets outside of those weird combo packages called Neapolitans.

Are they fruit colorblind in the supermarket?

They dared me to name a commercial strawberry ice cream that I could unabashedly get behind. I mentioned Häagen-Dazs strawberry, though it does suffer from the frozen-strawberry problem. I think Ben and Jerry's and Dreyer's make creditable strawberry ice cream.

So, serious eaters, help us settle this debate. It's getting mighty heated here at headquarters.