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Very Small Anna: Kumquat Tart

Very Small Anna Anna Markow 1 comment

When I got my first pastry chef gig, I decided I wanted to take ingredients that were often used simply as garnish and shine the spotlight on them. Enter the noble kumquat. More

Very Small Anna: Mint Chocolate Chip Panna Cotta

Anna Markow Post a comment

I'm pretty adept at making semifreddos, granitas, and all kinds of hand-stirred frozen desserts, but before I even started experimenting with those, I filled the chilly dairy void in my menu with all kinds of wacky panna cotta. Here's one great example. More

Very Small Anna: Chocolate Pretzel Tart

Anna Markow 1 comment

Rich, chocolatey, salty, sweet, this tart is sure to please everyone at the table. More

Very Small Anna: Animal Crackers

Anna Markow 4 comments

These bite-sized takes on Animal Crackers are vaguely lightly spiced with a shattery crispness. Perfect as an unexpected treat. More

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