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Bake the Book: Classic European Nougat

Emma Kobolakis 1 comment

If there's ever a time to make nougat, it's now. Store shelves are just bursting with the stuff; but wouldn't it be better to whip up a fresh batch? The Liddabit Sweets Candy Cookbook shares this sentiment and has a recipe for classic European nougat, more authentically known as torrone. More

9 Must-Try Sweets In Sicily

Amanda Ruggeri 8 comments

Don't tell mainland Italians, but the sweets of Sicily might just be the country's best. Thanks to the island's hot-potato past (it's been ruled by Greeks and Romans, Byzantines and Arabs, French and Spanish) and its rich agriculture (hello, almonds and lemons, pistachios and oranges—not to mention olives and grapes), Sicilian food is among Italy's most varied and interesting cuisine. But when it comes to the sweets, we're really talking. More

Sweet Technique: How to Make Torrone Nougat Candy

Sweet Technique Lauren Weisenthal 1 comment

I love torrone, the pillowy soft nougat candy filled with nuts. Traditional torrone, as the Italians intended it, has almonds, but I prefer the flavor and color of pistachio. Torrone is made with a mild honey, which imparts great flavor on its own, but I like to add additional flavor, either the seeds from a vanilla bean, some vanilla extract, or citrus zest. More

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