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The New Ben and Jerry's 'Cores' are Pretty Mindblowingly Delicious

Supermarket Sweets Erin Jackson 16 comments

The new "Cores" from Ben and Jerry's are like a two scoop sundae...in a pint. More

Taste Test: British Digestives

Robyn Lee 29 comments

We put 12 brands of plain British digestives (including budget and regular) to the test. More

Taste Test: Does Using Better Quality Alcohol Make Better Tasting Fruitcake?

Christopher Stephens 8 comments

Is it worth the expense to use top-shelf liquor in your fruitcake, or does any difference get washed out in the baking process? More

Taste Test: Ginger Snaps

Robyn Lee 22 comments

We tasted eight major brands of ginger snaps, to find those that most live up to their name (by being gingery and snappy, of course). Check out the winners and losers here! More

Taste Test: Is Better Vanilla Extract Worth the Price?

J. Kenji López-Alt 77 comments

Real vanilla extract doesn't come cheap. Depending on where you buy it, it can range from a little under a buck an ounce all the way up to several dollars. Add real vanilla beans into the mix and prices can climb even higher. But does more expensive vanilla make for better flavor? Tastier cookies and better vanilla ice cream? Where does artificial vanilla extract figure into it? We decided to find out. More

Taste Test: Trader Joe's Dark 70 Chocolate Bars

Carrie Vasios Mullins 14 comments

It feels like every time I stop by Trader Joe's, I'm sucked into buying chocolate. I've identified five reasons for this. 1. Pretty packaging 2. Pretty packaging near the checkout line 3. Good prices 4. [Often] good quality 5. New products to try. The last time I was in a TJ's, I fell into the trap. There were three new chocolate bars with maybe the cutest packaging yet—all vintage-y with ships and A FLAMINGO. See how they stacked up. More

Taste Test: Kinoko No Yama vs. Choco Boy, Mushroom-Shaped Chocolate Snacks

Robyn Lee 9 comments

In the battle between chocolate "mushroom cap" and biscuit "mushroom stem" snacks, how does the imitator stand up to the original? Pretty well. More

Taste Test: Does Premium Dairy Make Better Homemade Ice Cream?

Scooped Max Falkowitz 15 comments

It's an easy assumption, and one we're often told by food writers and ice cream makers: if you want the best ice cream, you have to make it with the best dairy. But what about for the home cook? Does fancy cream and milk make noticeably better ice cream? And is it worth the cost? I put it to the test to find out. More

Taste Test: Chocolate-Covered Biscuit Sticks (Pocky and Pocky Copycats)

Robyn Lee 13 comments

1966. The year that changed the world of snacking forever. The year...that Pocky was born. Other chocolate-covered biscuit sticks don't stand a chance against Pocky. More

Taste Test: New Ritter Sport Winter Edition Chocolates

Carrie Vasios Mullins 8 comments

I always thought that Ritter Sport looked a little out of place at my local Walgreens. Aren't you a little too classy for this place? I wanted to ask. Shouldn't you be hanging out with the Kinders and Baci at the local gourmet deli? Not that I mind having Ritter Sport on call. The chocolate comes in a flavor to serve just about every need—29 at last Wikipedia count. Because apparently 29 is not enough, two new limited edition flavors were introduced, and I gave them a try. More

Taste Test: Boxed Fudge Brownie Mix

The Serious Eats Team 41 comments

Whether you were a kid bringing in a sweet for a bakesale, or a college kid making a late-night study break, we've probably all had brownies made from a boxed mix. They're easy to make, most requiring just vegetable oil, eggs, and water, and typically take less than 30 minutes to bake. So when the moment comes that you too want a dump-and-bake treat to satisfy your chocolate craving, to which mix should you turn? More

Taste Test: Asian Chocolate-filled Cookie Snacks

Robyn Lee 32 comments

Koala's March is one of my most favorite childhood snacks, but now that I'm old enough to look past the cute packaging, I've sadly realized that what's inside is kind of...not good. At least compared to the four other snacks I gathered for this taste test of Asian, chocolate-filled, bite-sized cookie snacks. More

Taste Test: Dreyer's (and Edy's) Holiday Ice Cream Flavors

Carey Jones 11 comments

As a kid, I knew the Christmas season was nearing when my mother came home with Dreyer's peppermint ice cream. (Dreyer's is known as Edy's elsewhere in the country.) They bring back the peppermint every year, along with two other flavors, eggnog and pumpkin. These days, they also market all of those flavors in a lower-calorie "Slow-Churned" version. We tried out all 6 flavors for your holiday ice cream needs. More

We Try Five More Oreos from Asia

Max Falkowitz 6 comments

The last time we tried Oreos from Asia, including these Mildly Sweet ones I picked up in Singapore, we were...less than impressed. In the spirit of further inquiry, hope for the spirit of Asian snack food, and because we kind of have a thing for cookie-fueled masochism at Serious Eats, we scored five more Asian Oreos to try. Happen to live in China or Indonesia? Here's our take on some of the Oreos you can find there. More

Taste Test: Taro Ice Pops

Robyn Lee 7 comments

I love taro ice cream, but taro ice pops, less so. Here are two brands to avoid and one to try. More

Taste Test: Ice Cream Sandwiches: Klondike, Nestlé, Good Humor

Carrie Vasios Mullins 16 comments

Ice cream sandwiches are one of those simple treats that can far surpass the sum of their parts. In this case, those parts are 1) vanilla ice cream and 2) chocolate flavored wafer cookies. Together, these two simple items should create a perfect balance of cookie and ice cream. More

Taste Test: Haribo Gummy Bears, German vs. American (Turkish)

Robyn Lee 35 comments

Our blind taste test proved that there are big differences between German and American Haribo gummy bears, but is one better than the other? That depends on personal preference. More

Taste Test: Sweetened Condensed Milk

Max Falkowitz 22 comments

On first glance, all those cans of sweetened condensed milk are pretty similar. How do these cans compare? Does the same brand taste different when packaged for different demographics? And is there one sweetened condensed milk to rule them all? We tasted six brands to find out. More

Taste Test: Chocolate-covered Toffee Bars: Heath, Daim, and Skor

Robyn Lee 24 comments

What kind of battle pits an American against a Swede against an American sort of posing as a Swede? The battle of mass-market chocolate-covered almond-flavored toffee bars: Heath vs. Daim. vs. Skor. More

Taste Test: Chips Ahoy's New Flavors (Reese's, Heath Bar, and 'Chewy Gooey')

Carey Jones 15 comments

The other week, I noticed a few new varieties in the cookie aisle. Chips Ahoy with Reese's? Okay, those I could get behind. Chips Ahoy with Heath Bar crumbles? Ditto. And—what were these—meltable Chips Ahoy? I'm a sucker for anything called "chewy gooey." Okay, Ahoy, let's give these a try. More

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