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13 Ways to Bake With Sweet Potatoes

The irony of "sweet" potatoes is that they are nutritional powerhouses, and at this time year full of resolutions towards health, it's nice to squeeze in extra nutritional value where we can. Of course that's just one reason to bake with sweet potatoes, the other being that they add lots of flavor to sweets from cheesecake to biscuits to waffles. More

Wake and Bake: Sweet Potato Biscuits With Jalapeño Butter

I think I was a bird in my past life. Evidence: I hover around people eating nuts/seeds/pretzels and hope they drop some for my benefit. My bony toes have scratched people who get too close. And every winter, I get the urge to go south. Whether or not you too are day-dreaming about warmer climes, nothing beats a basket of fresh-from-the-oven biscuits. Especially when they're made extra special with the addition of sweet potato and a pat of spicy jalapeño butter. More

Let Them Eat: Sweet Potato Cake with Toasted Marshmallow Frosting

The first few holidays I spent with my in-laws, I was introduced to their sweet potato casserole, duly done up with nuts and ittty-bitty marshmallows that had bloated in the heat of the oven. The casserole dish—and I think there were two—was about the size of a rowboat that could comfortably seat four and feed 20 times that number. Never did I see more than a square inch consumed. The argument, naturally, has been to eliminate the dish altogether. But one does not contradict tradition. More

Mixed Review: Williams-Sonoma Sweet Potato Biscuit Mix

The best Thanksgiving bread baskets are a mélange of flavors and textures: tender Parker House rolls, crumbly cornbread, cakey pumpkin bread, and flaky biscuits. But who has time to bake all that in addition to making the turkey, sides, and pies? Fortunately, there are a number of top-notch baking mixes out there that would be a welcome addition to any holiday feast. More

Pie Week: Sweet Potato Pie

Sweet potato pie is all about balance. I like to keep the sweet potato front and center, with caramel notes from brown sugar, and just a touch of spice to enhance, but not overpower the flavor. With a pie that's less sweet in the filling, you can layer on sweetness with the marshmallow topping. I prefer to brulee the top just before serving, which provides a rich warm contrast to the chilled filling. More

Cakespy: Candied Yam Rice Krispies Treats

It's time to combine two marvelous marshmallow-based recipes to form one delicious treat: the Candied Yam Rice Krispie Treat. What's not to love about this seasonal mashup? Separately, both cereal treats and candied yam casseroles are delicious; both dishes rely on marshmallows for their sweet, signature taste. More

Bake the Book: Sweet Potato Cheesecake

When it comes to improving upon already great desserts, combining one dessert with an additional dessert seems to do the trick pretty much every time. (Remember the Cookie Stuffed Cookie?) So when Sonya Jones, the pastry chef-owner of Sweet Auburn Bread Company in Atlanta, Georgia set out to fancy up her sweet potato cheesecake, naturally she paired it with another classic Southern dessert, the pound cake. More

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