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479° Has Nailed the Sweet Popcorn Game

It occurred to me recently that kettle corn is the great underrated sweet snack, the perfect game day treat for those who are sweets-inclined. Brownies and cookies are great at most occasions, but they don't allow for extended, hours long grazing and munching. In my quest to find the perfect version there were a lot of failures, and one very awesome success. More

11 Sweet Snacks for Football-Watching

I'm sure I'm not the only one throwing football-watching parties as long as my team's still fighting in the playoffs. (As the New York editor I probably shouldn't admit that that team is the 49ers, but hometown loyalties die hard.) Wings and guacamole and pizza are all classics, and beer is pretty much the uncontested beverage of choice. But what about sweets? Here are 11 simple and snackable recipes for football-watching this weekend and beyond. More

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