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Sweet Technique: Spun Sugar

In pastry school, we learned dozens of techniques for making sugar look like all kinds of things: ribbon, balloons, delicate flowers, and even sponges. I love having these skills in my wheelhouse because it's great to be able to jazz up a simple dessert with a little sugar work for special occasions. Of all the sugar techniques I've learned, making spun sugar is my favorite way to add some drama to desserts. More

Sweet Gift: Sugars from Chambre de Sucre

Whether or not it's true that we eat with our eyes first, the gorgeous, intricate sugars from Japanese company Chambre de Sucre can't help but impress. The 270-year-old family-run company, based in Nagoya, has long since made a name for themselves in Japan, supplying their handmade sugars to even the Japanese emperor, but only started to sell in the United States earlier this year. More

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