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Wake and Bake: Strawberry Rhubarb Streusel Muffins

Rhubarb is like tonic water. I never pause to think about what tonic water tastes like and I never sip it straight. In fact when I finally gave it a go at home, I realized I had been conflating the taste of tonic water with bad quality gin and 3 a.m. mozzarella sticks from the Happy Days Diner. I'd like to formally say, I'm sorry, tonic water. You are your own quininial beast, and I was letting my poor culinary habits drag you down. More

Karen DeMasco's Streusel Jam Tart

There is nothing I love more than streusel. I find so many ways to work it into desserts and pastries. This is the ultimate in streusel—a tart made entirely almost entirely of it. Not only is this incredibly easy and quick, but making it in the shape of a tart and serving wedges adds a bit of elegance. More

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