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Baking Guides: How to Select, Freeze, and Bake with Strawberries

Have you finally retired your scarf and gloves and are itching to get in the kitchen to start whipping up some summery delights? Nothing screams humid, dawdling evenings quite like a scarlet strawberry baked good. Before you head out to pick a pint of these supple delights, though, brush up on some tips and tricks to ensure your first toe-dip into summer is a refreshing experience. More

Wake and Bake: Strawberry Pound Cake

I'm not Miss Manners but there are some social graces that I hate to see fall out of fashion. Door holding is one, RSVPing another. (I can see when you've open my Paperless Post invitation—why not just respond?) I was brought up with the notion that you arrive on time, you dress for the occasion, and you always, always serve dessert to dinner guests. More

Chocoholic: Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Strawberries are the ultimate fruit for coating in chocolate for a number of reasons. The dry exterior gives the chocolate something to hold onto (slices of wet fruit are a major challenge for chocolate dipping). They're also the perfect pop-in-your-mouth size. Or, if you prefer, grasp on to the green stem and nibble through the hardened candy chocolate shell into the luscious gush of juicy sweet-tart berry inside. Aphrodisiac? Definitely. More

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