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We Try the New Salted Caramel and Chocolate Baked Goods from Starbucks

Erin Jackson 4 comments

If you've let your eyes wander to the selection of baked goods while in line at Starbucks, you may have noticed three new additions to the pastry case: chocolate caramel muffins, salted caramel squares, and salted caramel cake pops. We tried them all. More

We Try the Seasonal Raspberry Swirl Pound Cake at Starbucks

Erin Jackson 1 comment

New season, new additions to the Starbucks menu. This summer has brought back last year's Raspberry Swirl Pound Cake ($2.25), and we checked in to give it a try. More

We Try the New Cheesecake Brownie from Starbucks

Erin Jackson 9 comments

Starbucks has released a new cheesecake brownie ($2.25). The two layer treat has a fudge brownie base, topped with a thick layer of cheesecake and a swirl of chocolate ganache. We gave it a try. More

We Try Starbucks New Steel-Cut Oatmeal

Will Gordon 16 comments

Like all elite athletes and abject slobs, I understand the importance of staying well carbohydrated; fruits and vegetables are cute, but I stick mainly to the grains, and I take those mostly in the form of beer, whiskey, and pasta. But despite my gravitation toward the crummier end of the natural foods spectrum, I could still make a case for the humble (and rarely fermented) oat as king of grains. More

We Try the New Frosted Snowman Cookie at Starbucks

Lauren Rothman 12 comments

Just in time for the holiday season, Starbucks is offering an adorable seasonal cookie, the Frosted Snowman. This fella is about the size of a large man's palm and is available wearing either a jaunty red or blue scarf. More

We Try the new Cinnamon Roll from Starbucks

Lauren Rothman 20 comments

Are coffee and a cinnamon roll the perfect partners? Perhaps. Which is why we decided to give Starbuck's new iteration a try. More

We Try The New Salted Caramel Cake Pop from Starbucks

Hally Wolhandler 8 comments

Being a fan of both cake and salted caramel, I decided to give Starbucks new Salted Caramel Cake Popa try. More

New Starbucks Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino Ice Cream

Supermarket Sweets Carrie Vasios Mullins Post a comment

Over the years, Starbucks has established itself as a contender in the supermarket ice cream space, most notably with a line of Frappuccino-flavored ice creams. Their newest offering is Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino Ice Cream: a swirl of coffee and chocolate ice creams studded with chocolate cookie pieces. More

Snack Time: Starbucks New Spring Petites

Sarah Buchanan 1 comment

This spring, Starbucks has launched a new lineup of their increasingly popular Petites. They've moved beyond cake pops, adding a miniature apple pie, cherry pie, chocolate hazelnut tart, and brown sugar walnut tart to the menu. We picked up a few and gave them a try. More

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