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14 Sweet and Spicy Desserts We Love

Marissa Sertich Velie 3 comments

It's officially spring, and with or without the weather's cooperation we're heating things up by adding a little spice to our sweets. More

Let Them Eat: Hot and Spicy Chocolate Cake

Let Them Eat... María del Mar Sacasa 2 comments

Hot. Sultry. Picante. No, this isn't a Sofía Vergara-starring hot tub fantasy, it's a spicy adaptation of molten chocolate cakes for Valentine's Day. More

Serious Heat: We All Scream for Spicy Ice Cream

Andrea Lynn 7 comments

Cinnamon-Cayenne Ice Cream with Cider Doughnuts; photograph by Bill Milne When the weather turns warm there's nothing like basking in the glow of cold, creamy ice cream. But have you let your taste buds explore the cool/fiery sensation of spicy... More

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