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American Classics: Election Cake

No one told me there would be cake when I signed up to vote, but historically Election Cake was an important part of doing your civic duty in Connecticut as early as colonial days. If you're going to rock the vote, I see no reason to do so sans cake. In anticipation of Election Day, this seems like a good time to revive a noble eating tradition. More

Scooped: Kaffir Lime and Gin Ice Cream

This is the full, pure flavor of kaffir lime distilled into ice cream form. Intense, but rounded out by dairy and eggs, perfect for scooping over warm peach pie (peach and lime is a combination that doesn't get nearly enough love). But as long as we're talking about distilling flavors, let's talk about gin, which at its core is an extraction of a bouquet of herbs and spices that conveniently go quite well with limes of all forms. I don't know of a gin infused with kaffir lime leaves, but I'll readily make a gin and tonic with them. And I'll even more readily make ice cream with the pairing. More

Spice Hunting: Matcha

Matcha's versatility is on par with cinnamon, and it's about as miraculous. It brings both rounded sweetness and a pleasant bitterness to a wide range of baked goods. While its Area 51 color and intense flavor have scared some away, it's an easy-to-use addition to the adventurous baker's pantry. More

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