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Cookie Monster: Absinthe Cookies

This year my Halloween costume was a bit of a bust. I dressed up as the Green Fairy, intending for people to make the connection between the Green Fairy, which is a nickname for Absinthe, and my boyfriend's costume as a 19th century, bohemian French painter. Everyone thought I was Tinkerbell. On the positive side, I was left with a bottle of Absinthe which we had bought to "add authenticity" to our costumes. More

American Classics: Benne Wafers

Equally at home in savory and sweet dishes, sesame seeds are beloved the world over for their delicate nutty flavor. As a kid I loved koulourakia, twisted sesame seed topped Greek butter cookies traditionally prepared at Easter time. But it wasn't until recently that I learned that sesame seeds are part of American cookie heritage as well—you'll find them center stage in the Benne Wafer, a lowcountry classic. More

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