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Pie of the Week: S'mores Pie

I can't so much as type the word s'more without my mind wandering off to a happy place. That's because s'mores aren't just about the sweet satisfaction of devouring chocolate, graham, and molten, charred marshmallow—they're about the ritual that gets you there and the fun you were having at the time. And while it's impossible to re-create the smoky nostalgia of a true s'mores experience, I submit a riff on s'mores, in pie form, that will take you most of the way there. More

American Classics: S'mores for the Indoors

Summer technically isn't quite over yet and I'm doing my best to cram in a last hurrah before September 23rd rolls around and I have to make peace with apples and pumpkins, shorter days and longer nights. There are few desserts as closely bonded to summer memories as s'mores and this recipe gives you all the toasty tastiness you remember from camp—without the fire pit. More

Cakespy: Banana Split S'more Whoopie Pies

In case you didn't already know it, August 10th is both National S'more Day and National Banana Split Day. And in celebration of this momentous day, here's a dessert mash-up which allows you to go above and beyond your civic pastry eating duty: the Banana Split S'more Whoopie Pie. More

S'mores Brownie Bars

The base is a slightly modified version of "The Greatest Brownies Ever" from Jennifer Appel's The Buttercup Bake Shop Cookbook. I've adapted her well-behaved recipe to make an intense, bittersweet chocolate layer between the graham cracker crust and the toasted mini-marshmallow topping. The dark chocolate center curbs the over-the-top sweetness that candy bar milk chocolate normally lends the classic kid dessert. The brownie layer is thinner than a proper brownie, as I was aiming for a bar effect rather than a brownie with a crust. More

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