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7 Sweet Pineapple Recipes We Love

Here at the Serious Eats World Headquarters we rejoice the end of March for many reasons; "Hello, Spring weather!" and "Hallelujah, the return of ice cream" are certainly major contenders. But mid-March is also the beginning of a glorious season. That's right, folks, we're talking about pineapple season! Here are 7 of our favorite pineapple inspired recipes. More

9 Maple Desserts We Love

The rich, dark sweetness of maple is lovely all year round, but we particularly love it in winter. It plays well with other seasonal flavors—apple and maple or maple and cinnamon being classic combinations—but it works just as well to sweeten up often savory ingredients, such as rosemary or bacon. Here are nine maple desserts we're fond of, from maple graham crackers to caramels to cookies and ice cream. More

20 Sweet Pumpkin Recipes We Love

Whether it's pie, bread, cake, or muffins, the heartwarming aroma of pumpkin and spices melding into a tasty treat in the oven is exactly the way we like to celebrate autumn. Here are 20 pumpkin sweets to last you through Thanksgiving. More

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