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Know Your Sweets: Pumpkin Pie

Know Your Sweets Sarah Baird 7 comments

Planning to eat your weight in pumpkin pie this week? We hope so. Here's the history of the beloved dessert. More

Pie of the Week: Pumpkin Chocolate Swirl Pie

Lauren Weisenthal 3 comments

I know that you're probably thinking that chocolate and pumpkin together doesn't seem like a very plausible combo, and before I tried this recipe I was right there with you. Now, I'm a convert. Not only do chocolate and pumpkin present the opportunity for a perfect fall color palate, but the flavors, all earthy and mellow and sweet, play off each other in a perfectly subtle and harmonious way. This is a mocha pumpkin latte, in pie form. More

11 Pumpkin Pies Recipes To Make For Thanksgiving

Hally Wolhandler 2 comments

Some people like classic, smooth custard fillings and some like their pumpkin pie topped with cinnamon crunch and bourbon-maple whipped cream. Whatever your style, choose this year's pie from our 11 great pumpkin pie recipes. More

Pie of the Week: Extra Smooth Pumpkin Pie

Lauren Weisenthal 3 comments

When you're on a mission to improve something that's already pretty great, small modifications can make a big difference. In this case, I set out to tweak a recipe for pumpkin pie to make a filling that's creamier in texture, slightly more complex in flavor, and less "weepy" in general (since I'm not a fan of soggy bottom crust). It took me three tries to get it just right, but for you, it will only take one. More

Scooped: Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream

Scooped Max Falkowitz 2 comments

If you're tired of making the same pumpkin pie every year, try something new: churn it into ice cream. More

Pie Week: Bourbon Pumpkin Pie

Lauren Weisenthal 1 comment

We've come to the final installment of Pie Week, and now I'm ready for a cocktail. This pumpkin bourbon pie can't be shaken, stirred, or served with a twist, but it's the perfect closer to a week of pie baking or Thanksgiving with the in-laws. More

Chocoholic: No-Bake Chocolate Pumpkin Mousse Pie

Yvonne Ruperti 2 comments

In September I moved to tropical Singapore—about as far away from cornucopias and pilgrim hats as you can get. Without a gourd in sight, I sulked for a week from having missed a proper Halloween pumpkin carving, so I've been determined to not let pumpkin pie season pass me by too. After locating a grocery store that specializes in ingredients for displaced expats such as myself, I snatched up the last few cans of pumpkin puree and got to work. More

Pie of the Week: Pumpkin Mousse Pie

Lauren Weisenthal Post a comment

Nearing The Meal's triumphant end, I often find myself literally forcing pie into my stomach, because it's pumpkin and I love it, even though there's no space left after the turkey and all the trimmings. That level of gluttony can be difficult for some, and if you are one of them, I submit this alternative for your consideration. It has all of the flavor of a pumpkin pie, without the heft of the traditional baked custard. More

Sweet Technique: How To Make Pumpkin Puree

Sweet Technique Lauren Weisenthal 18 comments

Since first making puree from whole pumpkins, I've never gone back to the canned version. For me the difference in taste alone is worth it; puree from fresh, roasted or steamed pumpkins just tastes and smells more... pumpkin-y. It's a hard quality to describe. I also prefer the texture, which is smoother than canned pumpkin, and the bright color, which is so much more appetizing. More

Pumpkin Pie Taste Test: Frozen vs. Canned Filling vs. From-Scratch

Lucy Baker 46 comments

If you're on the pro side of the pumpkin pie debate, chances are you have a favorite recipe. Maybe it's as simple as opening a can of the ready-to-plop-into-crust mix (that goes into a store-bought mix). Or you swear by the time-consuming and kitchen-wrecking ordeal that involves multiple bowls, a heavy pot, a box grater, a fine-mesh sieve, an instant-read thermometer, and another couple of hours. Is one necessarily better than the other? Or is it all just a matter of taste and nostalgia? More

Thanksgiving Pies: Pumpkin and Sweet Potato

Maggie Hoffman 10 comments

Ok, so pies aren't exactly sides, but they're such important parts of the Thanksgiving tradition that I had to include them in this series. Rich pumpkin (or sweet potato) custard, spiced with cloves, ginger, cinnamon, and sometimes booze, these pies are my all-time favorite. They're sometimes even better after they've set for a day, so you can make your pies ahead of time to cut down on last minute stress. More

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