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American Classics: Haupia

American Classics Alexandra Penfold 8 comments

In my experience, coconut is one of those love-it or hate-it foods. As a kid, my only real exposure to coconut had been in the context of cloyingly sweet confections which put me staunchly in the hate-it camp. It's dishes like haupia, a traditional Hawaiian luau staple, that have since made me reconsider. More

Dulces: Arroz con Leche (Rice Pudding)

MarĂ­a del Mar Sacasa 2 comments

I couldn't help but think of the stereotypical fiery Latin temperament when I was making this recipe. Arroz con leche (riz au lait or rice pudding), is such a languid, drowsy, gentle thing, so tender it's even suitable for those with smooth gums and weak constitutions, and yet, it is among the most well-liked and frequently made desserts throughout Latin America. Maybe we're all bark and no bite. More

14 No-Bake Desserts For Summer

The Serious Eats Team 2 comments

Pies and cakes are great once you've made them, but do you feel like turning on the oven on a hot August day? No? Us either. Here are 14 desserts that require no heating, baking, grilling, or anything of the sort. More

Emily Luchetti's Summer Pudding

Emily Luchetti 1 comment

For me, this is the quintessential summer dessert; once I have it, I know summer has arrived. The summer berry pudding takes a bit of time to prepare, but it's all done ahead of time, so it's not too much effort. More

Indian Pudding, a New England Thanksgiving Tradition

Tammy Donroe 35 comments

Pumpkin pie can suck it! If there's a single dish that launches me straight back to the innocence of childhood and the warm comfort of my Yankee roots, it's this: a bowl of warm Indian pudding with vanilla ice cream melting and pooling moat-like around its perimeter. I have heard that some folks who reside in this fair nation have never heard of it, let alone have never tried it. Perhaps because the name conjures up images of actual native tribesmen lodged within the pudding More

Mixed Review: Jell-O Instant Pudding

Mixed Review Lucy Baker 21 comments

While nothing can compare to pudding made from scratch, many people hold a special place in their hearts, and stomachs, for store-bought pudding mixes. Who didn't have cook-and-serve or instant pudding at least once as a kid? More

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