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Cookie Monster: Peanut Butter Pebble Cookies

After trying thirty-three kinds of peanut butter over the course of a month, you form an opinion or two. Above all I confirmed that I much prefer crunchy peanut butter over smooth. Most of it is textural: those bits of nuts provide a satisfying crunch and a stomach-warming chew. Though I'll admit that part of it is the comfort of knowing that the company that produced my peanut butter at least owns real peanuts. More

Scooped: Peanut Horchata Sorbet

Horchata is as rich and satisfying as a tall glass of milk, but as refreshing as a jug of iced tea. It cools the body but warms the soul. Since horchata has a nut thing going on, peanut butter was my fat of choice here. Add a good bit of salt and a dash of coffee grinds for depth, and you've got a dairy-free dessert that tastes like it isn't—sorbet for when fruit won't do. More

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