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The New Candy Project (Or 12 Candies To Try/Avoid Right Now)

This year, when it came time to think about candy, we asked ourselves, "When's the last time you tried a new candy—just because?" We couldn't remember the last time, and suffice to say we made it our mission to rediscover the joy (and sometimes more disgust than joy) of trying a new candy. Check out all of our experiences here. (Glass of milk suggested.) More

Why Have I Never Tried: Fast Break?

When you peek inside a Fast Break, you'll see a thick layer of milk chocolate, filled with a flat base of nougat and a square of peanut butter. The shape of the peanut butter hints at how solid it is. It's more crumbly than creamy, and drier than you might expect, but with a good punch of salty flavor. More

Why Have I Never Tried: Whatchamacallit?

I was a little bit nervous as I peeled back the outer wrapping on my Whatchamacallit bar. Not just because it was uncharted territory, but because there's something about its packaging, its muted earth-tone color scheme, that just screams "1978!" But I don't mean mean 1978 as in the year the line started, I mean 1978 in the Yo-I've-been-sitting-on-this-shelf-since-1978 sorta way. More

Why Have I Never Tried: Time Out?

Each bar of Time Out features a milk chocolate ripple sandwiched between two wafers and covered in Dairy Milk chocolate. Or as its original slogan states, "the wafer break with a layer of Flake." Basically, it's one of Cadbury's best products covered in another. What's not to love? More

Why Have I Never Tried: Chunky?

The Chunky fascinates me. The name alone made it worthy of my selection. And what about that early 90s outfit it's wearing? Those power-suit pinstripes, that clunky font! Chunky feels no need to keep up with the times—it's confident in its retro-self! More

Why Have I Never Tried: GooGoo Clusters?

When's the last time you tried a new candy? Not a seasonal new release, but an established candy or candy bar that, for no reason in particular, you've never picked up? For the SE staff, that time is now. Each day for the next two weeks we will try a candy we've never had before then tell the tale. First up? The GooGoo Cluster. More

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