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Cakespy: Mini Maple Spam Doughnuts

Like so many guilty-pleasure treats, Mini Maple Spam Doughnuts taste way better than they really should. The lightly crunchy, sweet doughnut exterior is contrasted by the crisp, crackly fried pork; finished with a creamy, maple-infused frosting and crunchy SPAM bits on top, it makes for a veritable sea of contrasting sweet and salty flavors and textures, and for an overall wholly enjoyable holey treat. More

9 Maple Desserts We Love

The rich, dark sweetness of maple is lovely all year round, but we particularly love it in winter. It plays well with other seasonal flavors—apple and maple or maple and cinnamon being classic combinations—but it works just as well to sweeten up often savory ingredients, such as rosemary or bacon. Here are nine maple desserts we're fond of, from maple graham crackers to caramels to cookies and ice cream. More

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