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9 Maple Desserts We Love

The rich, dark sweetness of maple is lovely all year round, but we particularly love it in winter. It plays well with other seasonal flavors—apple and maple or maple and cinnamon being classic combinations—but it works just as well to sweeten up often savory ingredients, such as rosemary or bacon. Here are nine maple desserts we're fond of, from maple graham crackers to caramels to cookies and ice cream. More

Scooped: Maple Rosemary Ice Cream

Maple syrup is one of those products of the human endeavor that make me glad we've ascended to where we have on the food chain. It embodies our communion with nature, because we have two parties to thank. The maple trees, of course, which tirelessly share sticky sap in forest cathedrals. And the flannel-clad men and women who fire great furnaces of transformation, who alchemize that sap into amber syrup. More

Edible DIY: Maple Syrup Caramels

I knew that I wanted to include a hint of sea salt in my caramels. It really balances the sweetness and intensifies the butter taste. But I also wanted to flavor them with something else—something seasonal and unique. Maple syrup fit the bill. A generous half cup infused my caramels with pure, sweet, fall flavor. Each bite is salty, chewy, and full of maple sugar. More

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