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Christina Olufson's Favorite Sweets in Los Angeles

Erin Jackson 1 comment

The pastry chef for Lucques, a.o.c., and Tavern/The Larder shares some of her top picks for sweets and desserts in Los Angeles. More

We Eat Every Doughnut at Sidecar Doughnuts & Coffee

Joy Hui Lin 8 comments

SoCal favorite Sidecar Doughnuts & Coffee serves doughnuts in flavors ranging from Huckleberry to Bacon Maple to Green Eggs & Ham. Obviously someone had to try the whole menu, and that someone was us. More

We Went and Ate All the Pastries at Sqirl in Los Angeles

Farley Elliott 4 comments

With its funkily-spelled name and occasional high-minded concoction, Sqirl can sometimes feel like the sort of place that gets Los Angeles put on the map for all the wrong reasons. But at the end of the day, there's no denying that Jessica Koslow's sweets are top-notch—so we gave them all a try. More

Glazed Donut Bistro Brings Outrageous Mash-ups to Los Angeles

Farley Elliott 7 comments

A new player has entered the LA food-fusion market, offering $3 rounds of glazed and fried dough in such unique combinations that the city is rubbing their morning eyes and taking notice. That shop is Glazed Donut Bistro. More

Behind the Scenes: Making Gelato Cake at Vitaly

Joy Hui Lin Post a comment

Forget ice cream cake. Take a behind the scenes look at how to make the strawberry laden Custard Crema gelato cake at Vitaly. More

Mornings in Mid-City LA Get a Boost With République's New Pastry Program

Farley Elliott Post a comment

After a lengthy dinner-only run, République's morning pastry program is quickly make its own name inside this vaunted space. More

Sugar Rush: Tres Leche Cake at Sinners and Saints, LA

Eimear McDermott Post a comment

Sinners and Saints serves both regular and gluten-free sweets. And though the Tres Leches Cake is on their "saints" menu, it's rich and decadent enough for sinners. More

It's Toppings Heaven for Frozen Yogurt at Sunny Blue, Santa Monica

Carrie Vasios Mullins 1 comment

This small onigiri shop devotes a good portion of their space to their frozen yogurt case, probably because there are so many toppings. We're talking yuzu, cornflakes, sprinkles, matcha green tea, graham crackers, toasted coconut, condensed milk, organic animal crackers, organic granola, mini marshmallows, gummy bears, strawberries, blueberries, kiwi, pineapple, adzuki red beans, mochi, mixed nuts, Belgian dark chocolate chips, Oreos, Hello Panda Cookies, heath toffee bits and, sweet mamma yes, giant Pocky. More

Copenhagen Pastry Brings Authentic Danish Pastry to Culver City, CA

Rachel Leeson 2 comments

Prior to opening her business, Karen Hansen struggled to find quality baked goods like the ones she grew up with as a child in Denmark. With her year-old bakery Copenhagen Pastry, she's bringing authentic Danish pastry to L.A. More

Sugar Rush: Seasonal Popsicles at Sweet Clementine's, Los Angeles, CA

Tracy Chabala Post a comment

Layne Eiler serves up fresh fruit juice pops with seasonal ingredients from her pop-up cart Sweet Clementine's at the Los Angeles Grand Central Market. You won't be able to resist her icey creations like Strawberry-Basil, Lemon-Buttermilk and Tangerine-Cardamom. More

First Look: Bean-to-Bar Chocolate at ChocoVivo, LA

Rachel Leeson 6 comments

ChocoVivo is the first bean-to-bar chocolate factory in Los Angeles. In addition to producing chocolate, owner Patricia Tsai is also serving hot chocolate and doughnuts. More

Sugar Rush: Dessert Empanadas at Nonna's Empanadas of the World, Los Angeles, CA

Tracy Chabala Post a comment

Nonna's Empenadas In Los Angeles offers a wide array of sweet variations on the classic Latin treat. If you're hungry for Dulce de Leche and Nutella instead of Carne and Pollo, check this place out. More

7 Frozen Treats We're Loving This Summer in LA

Joy Hui Lin 5 comments

There's no better place to find a cool sweet treat than the streets of Los Angeles. With such a diverse range of desserts: from Mexican, to Persian, to sweets made with farmer's market fresh fruits; the quest for cool creamy bites is a fun-filled scavenger hunt across the city. More

Market Tours: BhanKanomThai, Thai Dessert and Snack Capital of Los Angeles

Javier Cabral 2 comments

BhanKanomThai is a tiny place. But the crammed racks heavy with imported thai crackers, cookies, and other goods reveal just the beginning of its epic selection of Thai snacks and sweets. More

Sugar Rush: Chocolate Banana Danish at Amandine Cafe in Los Angeles

Jay Friedman 1 comment

While it's crispy on the outside, the danish is soft and sweet on the inside. Chocolate chips and banana pieces provide one of my favorite flavor combinations, further softened with a layer of custard. More

Sugar Rush: Honey Lavender Scone at Little Flower Candy Co., Pasadena, CA

Kelly Bone 3 comments

At Little Flower Candy Co. Cafe, Christine Moore proves she can make more than just her popular caramels. For example, this honey and lavender scone. More

First Look: Sidecar Doughnuts, Costa Mesa, CA

Erin Jackson 11 comments

In Costa Mesa, the team at Sidecar Doughnuts is taking the time to do things from scratch—all in plain view of the shop floor. Throughout the day, the busy kitchen churns out fresh batches of artisanal doughnuts in intriguing flavors, ranging from huckleberry cake to banana Nutella. More

Sugar Rush: Doughnuts at The Donuttery, Huntington Beach, CA

Kelly Bone 14 comments

We come to Serious Eats to discover new treats, but sometimes Serious Eaters comes to us with the goodies. After a local SE'ers Meet Up in Orange County, ArkyTrojan ran to his car and 'forced' us into a Donuttery sampling party in the parking lot. The clear favorite: the Blueberry Donut.


First Look: Blackmarket Bakery in Costa Mesa, CA

Rachel Leeson 1 comment

Upon a recent visit to SoBeCA, it was our noses which first noticed Blackmarket Bakery's arrival. The charming aroma of butter and sugar wafts in the air, and persuades you to drop in. To deny yourself from doing so would be an example of willpower at its finest. More

Sugar Rush: Flourless Lemon Custard Cake at The Sycamore Kitchen in Los Angeles

Jay Friedman 4 comments

That brilliantly yellow sunny center is indeed lemon curd, a dollop of which is dropped into a gluten-free cake made with ground almonds, brown rice flour, sugar, eggs, and brown butter. It's a true butter-fest as the tangy butteriness of the curd complements the sweet butteriness of the cake. More

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