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Cakespy: My Birthday Cake

Cakespy cakespy 5 comments

Here's the classic I chose for my late August birthday this year: a fluffy golden yellow cake topped with a crowning glory of rich, stick-to-your-teeth fudge frosting. The contrast of light cake and thick frosting is simply beyond compare. More

Cakespy: American Flag Cake

Cakespy cakespy Post a comment

When it comes to festive food for Independence Day, here's a sweet treat that really takes the cake: a layer cake decorated to resemble the American Flag! More

Sweet Technique: Assembling Layer Cakes

Sweet Technique Lauren Weisenthal 6 comments

Employing good cake technique and best practices can make the endeavor a whole lot less stressful for the baker. The biggest, most important step that you can take when making a cake comes well before you begin icing or stacking layers. For celebration cakes, there is no step more important than coming up with a plan and a timeline. Come learn the basic steps of layer cakes! More

Cakespy: Rainbow Layer Cake

Cakespy cakespy 5 comments

A six-layer cake in all the colors of the rainbow, this one is dramatic to cut into and always seems to elicit an "oooooooh" response. It is impossible to be unhappy while eating this cake. More

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