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BraveTart: Ice Cream Truck Ambassador

Before summer draws to a close, I want to run out to the ice cream truck, one last time. I wish I could recreate every frozen confection from the (retrospectively super creepy) ice cream trucks of the 1980s, from Bubble Play to Bomb Pops. But since I can only choose one Ice Cream Truck Ambassador, I have to pick my beloved, the Giant Vanilla. More

Jala Yogurt Bars and Frozen Yogurt Sandwiches

The creators of Skinny Cow have come out with another low-cal product in the freezer aisle, and it also features a cow mascot on some of the packaging (though this one appears to be doing yoga). Jala frozen desserts advertise more antioxidants, probiotics, and polysyllabic yogurt cultures. That's all swell, but we were curious how they tasted. More

4 Ways to Cool Down with Chocolate

Sitting in my AC-less apartment with the fan blowing hot air in my face, it's hard to think about anything except how frigging hot it is in the Northeast. Record-breakingly hot. Temper-breakingly hot. Now, this doesn't necessarily put everyone in the mood to scarf a chocolate bar, but here are four ways to get your cocoa fix while staying cool. More

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