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Cookie Monster: Pecan Butterballs

These are the Carmen Sandiego of cookies. They seem to pop up everywhere under different aliases, from Mexico (as wedding cookies) to Russia (where they're tea cakes) to Austria (look for Viennese sugar balls). Though my family has no relation to the American South, we happen to use the Southern moniker, Pecan Butterballs. More

Last Year's Top 10 Holiday Cookies

Happy December! Okay, we're only eight hours into the sweetest month of the year, but we've already started thinking about cookies. We'll be bringing you new recipes every day this month, of course. But the great thing about holiday cookies is that they're timeless. So to kick off the month, here are our most popular 10 cookie recipes from last December. More

American Classics: Mrs. Wakefield's Chocolate Chip Cookies

In the more than seventy years since Mrs. Wakefield first published her recipe it has appeared on the back of millions (billions?) of bags of Nestlé semi-sweet morsels. The "Original Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookies" were certainly one of the first recipes I mastered on my own, so I was surprised to discover that the off-the-bag "original" recipe might not actually be the original recipe that Mrs. Wakefield first published. More

Cookie Monster: Snickerdoodles

My biggest issue when following cookie recipes is numbers. You see, I almost inevitably fall short of the intended size of the batch. Occasionally it's not just kind of short, but very short. Most recently, a whopping 15 cookies short. This is all because apparently I don't know the size of nuts. We've all seen the direction before: "Roll dough into balls the size of walnuts." This is 2011, people—I buy my walnuts pre-shelled. More

Cookie Monster: Chocolate Dipped Shortbread Cookies

It's hard to move across the country when you could fill an entire car just with your kitchenware. It's hard but that's what I pushed for when packing the car with my boyfriend before our cross-country move from New York City to San Francisco. As I guess I should have foreseen, this plan didn't go over very well. Counterarguments of "but you need clothes" and "I need clothes" and "what about my TV?" abounded. Yet I stood by my boxes, losing but determined, while he picked up various items and jabbed, "What the hell is this thing even for?" (Um, those are maple leaf-shaped pancake molds. Duh.) More

Cookie Monster: Lemon Poppy Sandwich Cookies

These stars are a great snacking cookie since they're not overly sugary. The outer layer is all about texture. The dough is made with yellow cornmeal which, when combined with the poppy seeds, makes for one crunchy cookie. The icing middle provides the flavor kick. It's super lemony and a little tart, just the right thing to brighten up your day. More

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