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Taste Test: Chocolate-covered Toffee Bars: Heath, Daim, and Skor

Robyn Lee 24 comments

What kind of battle pits an American against a Swede against an American sort of posing as a Swede? The battle of mass-market chocolate-covered almond-flavored toffee bars: Heath vs. Daim. vs. Skor. More

Taste Test: Chips Ahoy's New Flavors (Reese's, Heath Bar, and 'Chewy Gooey')

Carey Jones 15 comments

The other week, I noticed a few new varieties in the cookie aisle. Chips Ahoy with Reese's? Okay, those I could get behind. Chips Ahoy with Heath Bar crumbles? Ditto. And—what were these—meltable Chips Ahoy? I'm a sucker for anything called "chewy gooey." Okay, Ahoy, let's give these a try. More

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