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Bake the Book: Green Tea Cookies

There are all sorts of ways to incorporate the delicate flavors of tea into sweets but Matcha, a finely powdered green tea leaves is one of the easiest and most exciting due to both purity of flavor and a radiant leaf green color. Its easily dissolvable nature is ideal for making batches of green tea ice cream, springy tea cakes, and these Green Tea Cookies from Stacy Adimando's The Cookiepedia. More

Spice Hunting: Matcha

Matcha's versatility is on par with cinnamon, and it's about as miraculous. It brings both rounded sweetness and a pleasant bitterness to a wide range of baked goods. While its Area 51 color and intense flavor have scared some away, it's an easy-to-use addition to the adventurous baker's pantry. More

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