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American Classics: Buckeye Pie

Like Anthony and Cleopatra, Gilbert and Sullivan, and Bert and Ernie, I'm confident peanut butter and chocolate will go down as one of history's epic pairings. And when it comes to peanut butter and chocolate you simply can't have too much of a good thing as evidenced by this tailgate-ready Buckeye Pie. More

American Classics: S'mores for the Indoors

Summer technically isn't quite over yet and I'm doing my best to cram in a last hurrah before September 23rd rolls around and I have to make peace with apples and pumpkins, shorter days and longer nights. There are few desserts as closely bonded to summer memories as s'mores and this recipe gives you all the toasty tastiness you remember from camp—without the fire pit. More

American Classics: Moon Pies

The last Moon Pie I had (a few years ago) didn't live up to the magnificence I remembered from childhood. Perhaps it was me—I'll admit my intense sweet tooth has dulled with time, and I can no longer pound packages of Peeps like I once did. Or maybe I just have less of a tolerance for all the artificial goodies—I'm looking at you, high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oil blend! Nevertheless, the concept behind a Moon Pie is great, and the marshmallow cream/graham cracker/chocolate shell trifecta is more than worthy of a makeover. More

Cakespy: Banana Split S'more Whoopie Pies

In case you didn't already know it, August 10th is both National S'more Day and National Banana Split Day. And in celebration of this momentous day, here's a dessert mash-up which allows you to go above and beyond your civic pastry eating duty: the Banana Split S'more Whoopie Pie. More

Scooped: Strawberry Dream Pie Ice Cream

Nothing says early summer to me quite like a juicy berry pie, topped with fat snowcaps of cream. Especially when you can find tiny gem-like strawberries nesting in farmers markets, almost a different species from the cottony hulks in supermarkets. But with a clutch of berries this good, it felt like a waste to sully them with heat. So I veered to the other end of the thermal spectrum, but couldn't get pie off my mind. More

Edible DIY: Maple Walnut Graham Crackers

These graham crackers are crunchy, toothsome, and just a smidge sweet. They really do taste like a punched-up version of the store-bought kind. The hints of walnuts and maple syrup make me want to slather them with cream cheese, but they would be equally delicious sandwiched with chocolate and marshmallows, or served in lieu of a biscuit with coffee or tea. More

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