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Gadgets: The Chocolatiere by Bodum

Nikki Goldstein 7 comments

Nothing defines winter quite like hot chocolate—something that's been evident around here as of late. And since I tend to fall somewhere in between the thick and thin debate, this chocolatiere by Bodum ($29.95 at Crate and Barrel stores) is right up my alley. It's meant to be used with actual chocolate rather than cocoa, yielding results that are decadent and rich—but as thin or thick as you prefer, depending on how much liquid you add. More

Gadgets: Cuisinart's Latest Ice Cream Maker

Nikki Goldstein 18 comments

There's nothing like freshly made ice cream to wind down a hot summer day, and now isn't a bad time to buy an ice cream maker if you don't already have one. Cuisinart, widely considered the leader in the niche of ice cream makers, has just released a new model that's more efficient than its ancestors—better yet, it's been on sale at Williams-Sonoma for the last week. More

Gadgets: The Zoku Quick-Pop Maker

Nikki Goldstein 21 comments

The Zoku isn't your ordinary popsicle-maker—it's a compact three-pop mold that claims to freeze its contents in just 7 to 9 minutes. Make just one and eat it while you want it, or make a whole bunch—the machine stays cold enough to make three batches in a row. More

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