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It's Toppings Heaven for Frozen Yogurt at Sunny Blue, Santa Monica

This small onigiri shop devotes a good portion of their space to their frozen yogurt case, probably because there are so many toppings. We're talking yuzu, cornflakes, sprinkles, matcha green tea, graham crackers, toasted coconut, condensed milk, organic animal crackers, organic granola, mini marshmallows, gummy bears, strawberries, blueberries, kiwi, pineapple, adzuki red beans, mochi, mixed nuts, Belgian dark chocolate chips, Oreos, Hello Panda Cookies, heath toffee bits and, sweet mamma yes, giant Pocky. More

Scooped: Mango Lassi Frozen Yogurt

Next to masala chai, there's no greater beverage ambassador to India than a mango lassi. And while it's not my favorite lassi variation out there, I can't deny that it's a pretty smart thing to do with mangoes and yogurt. It's also a good basis for getting more frozen yogurt into your life. More

I Like Pinkberry's New Grapefruit Flavor

When I'm hit by a Pinkberry craving—which come infrequently, but there's no denying them when they do—I never really bother with the flavors. It's the original I want, sweet-tart and refreshing, maybe with a few raspberries or mango chunks on top. But after trying the new grapefruit flavor, I'm starting to reconsider. More

New Flavor at 16 Handles: American Apple Pie

I wasn't expecting much when I stepped inside the sleek, minimalist storefront of the Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn location. I don't usually go for fruity fro-yo or ice cream flavors, generally preferring to stick close to chocolate- or vanilla-based varieties, and I felt particularly wary about a flavor like apple, which usually tastes synthetic in desserts unless there are some real apples in there. But I dutifully grabbed a paper cup and let 'er rip. I took a spoonful: much to my surprise, the yogurt was damn good. More

Scooped: Lemon, Honey and Thyme Frozen Yogurt

This ice cream is light and tart, as any good frozen yogurt should be, but with a deep, floral richness from the honey and a bright, herbaceous finish. The thyme leaves are this frozen yogurt's answer to cookie dough chunks, or chocolate chips—bittersweet and slightly crunchy, they provide a burst of a different and unexpected flavor and texture. More

Scooped: White Wine Frozen Yogurt

Creamy, fatty, tangy Greek yogurt brings out the floral, honeyed, and fruity flavors of dry white wine, almost like adding water to Scotch. What were subtle tasting notes become bold flavors, and the dual twangs of yogurt and wine cozied up real nice together. It took all of a spoonful for me to know that I'd be making this again. More

Nancy Olson's Blueberry Vanilla Bean Frozen Yogurt

I wanted to share a recipe that makes use of what is beautiful and delicious at the farmers' market right now. The blueberries have that perfect balance of sweet and tart. We've combined blueberries and yogurt for a refreshing treat that you don't need to heat up your kitchen to enjoy. I think a scoop of this is amazing solo, but a little granola gives it a great textural contrast (and possibly an excuse to eat it for breakfast!). More

Jala Yogurt Bars and Frozen Yogurt Sandwiches

The creators of Skinny Cow have come out with another low-cal product in the freezer aisle, and it also features a cow mascot on some of the packaging (though this one appears to be doing yoga). Jala frozen desserts advertise more antioxidants, probiotics, and polysyllabic yogurt cultures. That's all swell, but we were curious how they tasted. More

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