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Cronuts: The Craze Hits Cincinnati

Jacqueline Raposo 2 comments

Cincinnati locals will often warn that the Queen City is five, ten, or even twenty years behind the times. But the cronut craze started by Dominique Ansel in New York City made its way into three local kitchens after only two months. How did the bakers find out about the hubbub, how do the pastries compare, and what conflict should they expect? More

First Look: The Guest Pastry Chef Collaboration Series at Dominique Ansel Bakery, NYC

Niko Triantafillou 9 comments

Dominique Ansel's summer long series of special, one-of-a-kind collaborations with six of his favorite pastry chefs began two weeks ago. We took a look at each pastry, and chatted with the chefs about their inspiration. More

All Aboard the NYC Bûche de Noël Train

Max Falkowitz 11 comments

"So I want to make a train," Ed says one day. "Out of buches de noel." "You mean with yule logs?" "Yeah, with yule logs. We'll make a train."

So a train we made. And it was awesome.


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