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Pie of the Week: Coconut Custard Pie

I wanted a custard that is smooth, eggy, and full of pure coconut flavor from coconut milk, not just an artificial imitation. I wanted sweetened flake coconut, slowly toasted in the oven until the sugar caramelized, whisked into the custard and liberally sprinkled over the top. I wanted real whipped cream, lightly sweetened with confectioners' sugar, and a crust so buttery, crisp and flaky, it could stand up to the filling without getting soggy. This recipe is the real deal. More

Pie of the Week: Creamsicle Pie

When I think about classic summer treats, the kind that have been vended from the windows of ice cream trucks for generations, the first that comes to mind is the Creamsicle. A Creamsicle, for those unfamiliar, is a bar of vanilla ice cream, coated with flavored frozen ice, and served on a stick (basically, a popsicle with an ice cream center). While Creamsicles come in many flavors, the most iconic is orange. Some team of Madison Avenue geniuses dubbed August 14th (just a few days from now!) National Creamsicle Day, and I've pulled together my own take on this orangey treat for the occasion. More

Sweet Technique: How to Make Panna Cotta

Every cook should have panna cotta in his or her bag of tricks. It's understated but delightfully creamy, and it looks gorgeous on the plate. It takes only minutes to prep (although the taste and texture suggest much greater effort), and once it has had time to set, panna cotta can be pulled out of the fridge and served instantly, making it the perfect dinner party finish. Best of all, it's completely versatile, pairing well with fruit sauces from any season, as well as chocolate, caramel, and even balsamic vinegar. More

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