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Holiday Baking: Candy Cane Cream Puffs

Stephanie Stiavetti 1 comment

Cream puffs? For Christmas? These once-dainty treats are super-sized and mint-ified for the holidays, making for a perfect (easy but exciting) addition to your seasonal table. More

Chocoholic: Triple Chocolate Cream Puffs

Yvonne Ruperti 7 comments

As a kid, I spent much of my summer vacation on Long Island, at my great grandma Ruth's house. Grandma was a domestic queen. Dinner was planned, prepped, and on the stove by noon, and then she'd set about concocting something sweet. My favorite days were when she decided it was time to make a plate of cream puffs. I remember looking on as she stood in her floral print housedress next to her 1940's stove, stirring up a thick paste of butter, flour, and water. After it was dropped by sticky spoonfuls onto the pan, it would magically transform in the oven into crisp and airy puffs. More

Snapshots from Jura: Paris Brest from Bistrot de Pontarlien

J. Kenji López-Alt 2 comments

I was vaguely familiar with the dessert named after a famous bicycle race before I came here, but I'd never see what it could really be. It's made by piping out a large ring of choux pastry and baking it until it's puffed and golden, then splitting it and filling it with a base layer of praline cream then topping it with stiff whipped cream. More

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