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Let Them Eat: Winter's Bounty Breakfast Cake

Let Them Eat... Stephanie Stiavetti Post a comment

This winter breakfast cake is tender of crumb and incredibly comforting, with the added bonus of using up those extra veggies from your CSA box. More

Preserved: Cranberry Potpourri Jam

Preserved Stephanie Stiavetti Post a comment

This cranberry potpourri jam is inspired by the little fruit-orange sachets I used to make as a kid. The warm, spicy scent is so inviting, you might just keep a jar in your sock drawer. More

Two Fall Dessert Recipes From Francois Payard

Carrie Vasios Mullins Post a comment

Chef Francois Payard drops by to share two of his favorite fall recipes: Pumpkin Macarons and a Cranberry Chocolate Tart. More

Preserved: Canning with Frozen Fruit: Cranberry Strawberry Jam

Stephanie Stiavetti Post a comment

Did you know you can make jam with frozen fruit? Sweet strawberries are the life of the party in this recipe, and we've invited tart cranberries as well, making for a bright red taste explosion. This jam is ultra flavorful, and it will cause your sun-starved salivary glands to kick into high gear. More

American Classics: Homemade Cranberry Newtons

American Classics Alexandra Penfold Post a comment

Nabisco may have discontinued these tart and sassy cousins of the original Fig Newton, but no worries, because now you can make them at home. More

19 Sweet Cranberry Recipes We Love For Fall

Hally Wolhandler Post a comment

Whether fresh or dried, cranberries offer a perfect tart counter-taste to any sweet treat. Interested in making jams, sauces, pies, or muffins with this tasty berry? We have something for you here. Our tip—serve a cranberry sweet to add balance to your Thanksgiving table. More

Cookie Monster: Cranberry Orange Rugelach

Cookie Monster Carrie Vasios Mullins Post a comment

These rugelach have the same flaky cream cheese dough as their holiday counterparts, but inside, they're given a cranberry-orange-walnut update for fall. More

Bake the Book: White Chocolate Rice Pudding with Dried Cherry Sauce

Emma Kobolakis Post a comment

It's always a treat when you can combine tart and sweet elements in one dessert. This rice pudding from Southern Living: Classic Southern Desserts does just that. Creamy rice pudding and sweet white chocolate blend well with a citrusy cherry sauce. More

Cookie Monster: White Chocolate Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies

Cookie Monster Carrie Vasios Mullins 5 comments

These oatmeal cookies are lightly golden on the edges and chewy and pliant in the middle. White chocolate adds a sweetness and creaminess that's balanced by tart cranberries and toasty oats. More

Pie of the Week: Cranberry Apple Slab Pie

Lauren Weisenthal 2 comments

A slab pie is bigger than the standard 9-inch round, slightly thinner, and designed to be enjoyed without forks (just a napkin to catch the juices). This apple and cranberry version is the perfect incarnation for any fall exploit that's more fun en masse. More

Cookie Monster: Pumpkin Orange Cranberry Cookies

Cookie Monster Carrie Vasios Mullins 4 comments

My ideal pumpkin cookies are pudgy and soft with a bright pumpkin flavor. Good thing these fit the bill. More

Wake and Bake: Cranberry Apple Strudel

Wake and Bake Carrie Vasios Mullins Post a comment

Looking to transition your brunch or dinner parties into fall? Try this cranberry apple strudel flavored with walnuts and cinnamon. It's like autumn in a puffy golden roll. More

Cookie Monster: Cranberry Almond Biscotti

Cookie Monster Carrie Vasios Mullins 1 comment

Sometimes I want some big, fat, American-style biscotti. These chunky cookies are just the thing, scented with vanilla and packed with tart, chewy cranberries and crunchy, nutty almonds. More

Wake and Bake: Cape Cod Muffins

Wake and Bake Carrie Vasios Mullins Post a comment

These blueberry-cranberry muffins are a favorite on Cape Cod. With their moist, vanilla scented crumb, you'll want to make them at home, too. More

Scooped: Cranberry Goat Cheese Ice Cream

Scooped Max Falkowitz 5 comments

It's still the time of the cranberry around these parts, and while scones, pound cake, and sorbet are all fine uses for fresh berries, I wanted to take them into full-on ice cream territory. But cranberries are a lot more assertive than your average dairy cow; they need something to stand up to their punch. More

Pie Week: Cranberry Walnut Pie

Lauren Weisenthal Post a comment

Fresh cranberries are one of my favorite ingredients for adding a burst of flavor and color in a season of otherwise drab-looking produce. I especially love them in desserts because they play so well with other flavors, including caramel and nuts, which was why I decided to bake them into a pie this year. More

Let Them Eat: Orange Cake with Mulled Wine Cranberry Jam

Let Them Eat... MarĂ­a del Mar Sacasa 2 comments

My Thanksgiving table isn't complete without an assortment of cranberry sauces. I like to have a basic back-of-the-bag recipe flanked by versions spiked with wine, studded with different fruits, punched up with spices and zest. The sauces are usually only perfunctorily spooned on plates, given the limited real estate, but that translates into ample leftovers. This year, I wanted to showcase the ruby red, tart cranberry sauce and give it its due by putting it on a pedestal (or cake stand). More

Cakespy: Cranberry Upside-Down Cake

Cakespy cakespy Post a comment

This cake may not redefine every thought you've ever had about cranberries, but it will turn them upside down--literally. More

Preserved: Cranberry Orange Jam with Crystallized Ginger

Preserved Lucy Baker Post a comment

I'm usually one of those people who eat nothing all day before the Thanksgiving feast. How else am I going to save room for that third slice of my mom's double crust apple pie? But this year I might have to make an exception. I can think of no better way to start Turkey Day than with a piece of pumpkin or corn bread slathered with this cranberry orange jam. More

Scooped: Cranberry and Lillet Rouge Sorbet

Scooped Max Falkowitz Post a comment

The poor cranberry. Think: what other fruit offers such powerful flavor and intriguing tartness? Oh, sure, we all go gaga for sour cherries during their two-second season, but the humble cranberry, with us for all of fall, can hope at most for a nibble between bites of turkey. Which is really a shame, because at a time of year when comfort food is on our minds and gravy's running through our veins, cranberries are just what we need. More

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