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Pie Week: Cranberry Walnut Pie

Fresh cranberries are one of my favorite ingredients for adding a burst of flavor and color in a season of otherwise drab-looking produce. I especially love them in desserts because they play so well with other flavors, including caramel and nuts, which was why I decided to bake them into a pie this year. More

Let Them Eat: Orange Cake with Mulled Wine Cranberry Jam

My Thanksgiving table isn't complete without an assortment of cranberry sauces. I like to have a basic back-of-the-bag recipe flanked by versions spiked with wine, studded with different fruits, punched up with spices and zest. The sauces are usually only perfunctorily spooned on plates, given the limited real estate, but that translates into ample leftovers. This year, I wanted to showcase the ruby red, tart cranberry sauce and give it its due by putting it on a pedestal (or cake stand). More

Scooped: Cranberry and Lillet Rouge Sorbet

The poor cranberry. Think: what other fruit offers such powerful flavor and intriguing tartness? Oh, sure, we all go gaga for sour cherries during their two-second season, but the humble cranberry, with us for all of fall, can hope at most for a nibble between bites of turkey. Which is really a shame, because at a time of year when comfort food is on our minds and gravy's running through our veins, cranberries are just what we need. More

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