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Cookie Monster: Peanut Butter Coconut Cookies

Ah, Schenectady Gazette, where would we be without you? Today, for instance, you informed us that five more Friendly's locations (including Glenville!) have closed and that ham radio is a blossoming hobby among the youth of upstate New York. Sure, I was sad to discover that ham radio is not a new EpicMealTime video, but I was interested in the story nonetheless. Most importantly, though, is your contribution to culinary history. For without you, we might never have made peanut butter cookies with their signature fork-tine imprint. More

SE Staff Picks: Robyn's Chocolate Chip Cookies

Sometimes I tell people that I like baking, but in reality I think I just like eating chocolate chip cookies, and the only way I can guarantee chocolate chip cookie-derived happiness is by baking them myself. Ad Hoc's chocolate chip cookie recipe is my go-to dessert for birthdays, parties, pot lucks, and the like—not to the point that I have it memorized, but it has the honor of being written on a small piece of paper taped to my refrigerator. More

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