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Chocoholic: Sour Cream Chocolate Cupcakes

Yvonne Ruperti Post a comment

Incredibly rich and moist, these easy chocolatey cupcakes get a double whammy of tangy sour cream in both the cake and the frosting. More

Let Them Eat: Lavender-Earl Grey Flourless Chocolate Cake

Let Them Eat... María del Mar Sacasa 4 comments

This dense, brownie-like chocolate concoction is rich, thick, but not saccharine, a simple and pared down dessert that surprises with hints of French florals and proper English stiff-upper-lip sternness. More

Bake the Book: Red Velvet Cake

Emma Kobolakis Post a comment

Rich, deeply hued red velvet cake has become a bakery staple. Though you'll often see it made as cupcakes, this version from The Brown Betty Cookbook makes a serious, full-size deeply chocolate cake with a fluffy cream cheese buttercream. More

Bake the Book: Mississippi Mud Cake

Emma Kobolakis Post a comment

Chocolate cake doesn't have to be fancy to be good. This recipe for Mississippi Mud Cake from Southern Living: Classic Southern Desserts is just as dark as its namesake. The deep chocolate flavor is cut with the soft, sweet chew of marshmallow and the pleasant crunch of pecans. More

Chocoholic: Mocha Wacky Cake

Yvonne Ruperti 6 comments

There's everything to like about this emergency cake: moist, chocolatey, and mixed right in the pan. More

Let Them Eat: Easy Black Forest Cake

Let Them Eat... María del Mar Sacasa Post a comment

Come summertime, cherries, luscious and deep dark garnet, beckon seductively among other fruits in the produce aisle. Chocolate cake, flecked with kirsch-soaked cherries and topped with whipped cream and chocolate is one more way to enjoy them. More

BraveTart: Make Your Own Hostess Sno Balls

BraveTart Bravetart 6 comments

If you've ever wanted to eat a Koosh Ball then you understand the appeal of Hostess Sno Balls. Who doesn't want a fluffy, jiggly, bouncy neon snack? Uh. Well. Maybe you don't. In which case, who wants chocolate cake? More

Cakespy: Microwave Chocolate Cake in a Mug

Cakespy cakespy 14 comments

Here's a quick-fix dessert that doesn't taste like desperation: chocolate cake prepared in a mug, in the microwave. With a consistency something like a steamed pudding, this chocolate cake might not rival a French chocolate cake in sophistication, but nonetheless holds its own as an easy convenience dessert. And should you find some ice cream or whipped cream to top it with, well, all the better. More

Let Them Eat: Chocolate and Salted Caramel Bûche de Nöel

Let Them Eat... María del Mar Sacasa 2 comments

Hansel and Gretel is one of the operas at the Met this season, and it is advertised with an enormous illustration of two children clad in shabby, drab clothing, a black-robed witch looming tall and ominous before them. In this season of intense baking, gluttony impels me to imagine that wicked old hag's edible house, hidden deep in a thick forest. More

Let Them Eat: Chocolate-Hazelnut Layer Cake

Let Them Eat... María del Mar Sacasa 1 comment

This cake, with its tiers of moist chocolate cake refreshed with hazelnut liqueur and airy drifts of chocolate, Nutella, and toasted hazelnut mousse, transports me the memory of a small bowl of Baci in the living room. More

Bake the Book: Old-Fashioned Cake from Miette

Caroline Russock 1 comment

This Old-Fashioned Cake from Miette is really what the bakery is all about, sweet and simple cakes presented in an understated but really beautiful way. The combines two of owner Meg Ray's most versatile recipes from her cookbook, a moist, fudgy Double Chocolate Cake and marshmallowy Boiled Icing, topped with what else but a single maraschino cherry. More

Mixed Review: King Arthur Flour Chocolate Lava Cake Mix

Mixed Review Lucy Baker 3 comments

Since classic warm chocolate cake is my fiancé's favorite fancy restaurant dessert, I decided to try out King Arthur Flour's Chocolate Lava Cake Mix. Not only did the picture on the box look absolutely heavenly, it also came with instructions for dividing the mix and baking only two of the cakes at a time—très romantic! Unfortunately, I messed it up. More

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