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Sometimes You Need a Microwave, or Lessons Learned From Taco Bell's Latest Desserts

Todd Brock 14 comments

Taco Bell is back with two add-ons to their after dinner menu. And while one of them is an utter waste of time, money, and calories, the other has me secretly plotting my next run for the border. More

We Try All the Desserts at Chili's

Erin Jackson 10 comments

The dessert menu at Chili's stars a tempting assortment of treats, from cheesecake to a skillet-baked chocolate chip cookie, but not all are created equal. Find out what's worth the splurge, and what to skip. More

We Try All the Desserts at the Olive Garden

Erin Jackson 18 comments

If you make it past the breadsticks, oil-slicked salad, and a carb-heavy entrée at the Olive Garden with room for dessert, you've got 14 different items to choose from. We tried every last one to find out which (if any) are worth splurging on. More

We Try the New Mega Chocolate Chip Cookie From Papa John's

Erin Jackson 9 comments

Papa John's has a new dessert on the menu: a giant, fresh-baked chocolate chip cookie that's cut into 8 pieces, just like a pizza. More

The Problems With Cinnabon's New Salted Caramel Center of the Roll Start With the Name

Todd Brock 14 comments

Cinnabon is jumping onto the sweet-meets-savory bandwagon by adding salted caramel onto a new limited-time-only treat. For those who haven't been to a mall food court in a while, the chain already features an item called the Center of the Roll. It's essentially the inner mass of a standard Cinnabon, cut into bite-sized pieces, served in a cup, to be eaten with a fork.* More

Chain Reaction: New Pralines and Cream McFlurry from McDonald's

Erin Jackson 4 comments

McDonald's has a new, limited-edition McFlurry flavor for fall, and guess what? It's pretty awesome. More

We Try the New Flavor, Mocha Java Chip, from 16 Handles

Linnea Zielinski Post a comment

16 Handles just released a new coffee-laden flavor, Mocha Java Chip. We brave the chilly weather to taste this swirled treat and give the run down. More

We Try the New Strawberry n' Cream Cheese Pie from Popeyes

Todd Brock 3 comments

Popeyes has long featured cinnamon apple pies and sweet potato pies on their dessert menu, but their new limited time offering puts the spotlight on the official state fruit of Louisiana, the strawberry. (Yeah. Who knew? See, kids, stay in school. Or... get a job eating and then writing about fast food.) More

We Try the New Cheesecake Brownie from Starbucks

Erin Jackson 9 comments

Starbucks has released a new cheesecake brownie ($2.25). The two layer treat has a fudge brownie base, topped with a thick layer of cheesecake and a swirl of chocolate ganache. We gave it a try. More

Valentine's Day Special: Dunkin's New Brownie Batter Donut

Craig Cavallo 9 comments

For Valentine's Day this year, Dunkin' Donuts has introduced the Brownie Batter Donut ($0.99). We gave it a try. More

We Try Popeye's Mardi Gras Cheesecake

Will Gordon 8 comments

Though I don't eat a lot of dessert, I am one of the legions of fast eaters who will follow Popeye's into most any culinary battle, so I had no problem imagining a genre-redefining Mardi Gras Cheesecake experience. The reality? A bitter disappointment. More

We Try Dairy Queen's Choco Covered Strawberry Blizzard

Todd Brock 2 comments

Chocolate-covered strawberries are the quintessential Valentine's Day treat. So does Dairy Queen's Blizzard version inspire true love or is it an artificial sensation at best? More

We Try Starbucks New Steel-Cut Oatmeal

Will Gordon 16 comments

Like all elite athletes and abject slobs, I understand the importance of staying well carbohydrated; fruits and vegetables are cute, but I stick mainly to the grains, and I take those mostly in the form of beer, whiskey, and pasta. But despite my gravitation toward the crummier end of the natural foods spectrum, I could still make a case for the humble (and rarely fermented) oat as king of grains. More

We Try Burger King's New Molten Fudge Desserts

Todd Brock 6 comments

Molten: Oozing. Flowing. Dangerously hot. Add the word fudge after it, and the mental picture gets exponentially better, right? Sorry. This is a fast food dessert we're talking about. More

I Like Pinkberry's New Grapefruit Flavor

Carey Jones 7 comments

When I'm hit by a Pinkberry craving—which come infrequently, but there's no denying them when they do—I never really bother with the flavors. It's the original I want, sweet-tart and refreshing, maybe with a few raspberries or mango chunks on top. But after trying the new grapefruit flavor, I'm starting to reconsider. More

We Try The 3 New Desserts At Taco Bell

Todd Brock 12 comments

Churros and a Caramel Apple Empanada are a natural fit at the Bell, but a Chocolate Chip Cookie-Frosting Sandwich? Just like in the old "Sesame Street" song, one of these things just doesn't belong. More

Chain Reaction: New Red Velvet Crinkle Cookie from Panera

Erin Jackson 10 comments

After playing around with recipes for a few years, Panera has finally released their new Red Velvet Crinkle Cookie. The head baker describes it as "the perfect cookie", but how does it really measure up? More

Chain Reaction: Trying Pinkberry's New Greek Yogurt

Liz Bomze 5 comments

Greek yogurt has been a terrific addition to the cultured dairy world. So has tart fro-yo, and I think Pinkberry churns out better frozen yogurt than most of the other chains and independent shops. That's why I had high hopes when the California-based company chose a small contingent of their stores to launch Pinkberry Greek: their fat-free, non-frozen take on thick, creamy, protein-packed Greek yogurt. More

Chain Reaction: McDonald's Rolo McFlurry

Gracie Dulik 15 comments

We missed out on writing about this delectable, candy-filled concoction when it was first introduced last summer, so when McDonald's decided to bring back the limited edition flavor, we jumped at the chance to try it. More

Chain Reaction: New Pies from McDonald's and Popeyes

Gracie Dulik 7 comments

Just in time for summer, McDonald's introduced a S'mores Pie, and Louisiana-style fried chicken chain Popeyes has followed suit with a Southern Peach Pie. We gave both a try at Serious Eats Headquarters. More

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