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Stacy Fortner's Favorite Sweets in Seattle

When she's not overseeing the pastry program at all of the Tom Douglas-owned restaurants in Seattle, Stacy Fortner finds time to satisfy her sugar cravings with an assortment of treats, from deep-fried sesame rice balls to a simple cup of frozen vanilla custard. Read on for all of her current favorites in Seattle. More

Megan Vargas' Guide to Portland Sweets

Megan Vargas is a great source to tap for some of Portland's best sweets. The nominee for Food & Wine's The People's Best New Pastry Chef award has been leading the pastry program at Andina since 2010, and was born and raised in Stumptown. See her favorites, from pastries as rich as a block of butter to a Mexican lollipop bedazzled with gumdrops. More

Rachel King's Guide to San Diego Sweets

As Executive Pastry Chef for Enlightened Hospitality Group's portfolio of restaurants (Burlap, Gabardine, Searsucker, and Herringbone), and owner of BaKING Co., Rachel King spends a lot of time elbow-deep in dough, satisfying San Diego's sugar cravings. So, where does the 2013 nominee for Food and Wine's Best Pastry Chef- West Coast go when she feels like letting someone else do the baking? We found out. More

Bronwen Wyatt's Guide to New Orleans Sweets

When she's not being honored for desserts like the grilled vanilla bean panna cotta with satsuma sorbet and pistachio brittle at La Petite Grocery, pastry chef Bronwen Wyatt is checking out the sweets in the rest of New Orleans. From pecan pie griddled on a flattop to modern sno balls, check out all her favorites. More

Laura Pyles' Guide to Seattle Sweets

Laura Pyles, this year's winner of Food and Wine's Best Pastry Chef- West Coast, is known for her themed dessert menus at Seattle's asian fusion restaurant Revel. Where does the creator of the Moon Pie Parfait and Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie with a potato chip crust go when she's not baking her own sweets? We found out. More

Plinio Sandalio's Guide to Austin Sweets

Austin may be known for its savory options like BBQ and Tex-Mex, but a number of pastry chefs have begun to put the city's sweets on the map. Plinio Sandalio, pastry chef at The Carillon, located on the University of Texas campus, is one of these dessert masterminds. His modern, seasonally-driven approach has garnered Sandalio praise from both the James Beard Foundation and Star Chefs. See where he likes to get his sweet fix in his current hometown of Austin. More

Serious Eats Neighborhood Guides: Zoe Nathan's Los Angeles

As Executive Chef of Huckleberry Bakery and Cafe and co-owner and Head Baker for all of the Rustic Canyon family of restaurants (that'd be Rustic Canyon Wine Bar & Seasonal Kitchen, Milo & Olive, Huckleberry Cafe & Bakery, and Sweet Rose Creamery), Zoe Nathan has definitely put her stamp on L.A. Despite her kitchen hopping, Nathan finds time to sample sweets around the city. Here's a guide to her favorites. More

Gail Simmons' Guide to NYC Sweets

Gail Simmons clearly knows a thing or two about choosing great desserts. She hosts the popular TV show Top Chef: Just Desserts, has worked for chef Daniel Boulud, and is on staff at Food & Wine magazine. So where does Gail go when she's sampling sweets on her own time? To an awesome assortment of New York City bakeries, pie shops, and gelaterias, to start. More

David Lebovitz's Guide to Paris Sweets

Since 2004, David Lebovitz has used his blog to chronicle the ups, downs, and culinary delights of living in Paris. And we couldn't help but notice that, as a former pastry chef, David tends to focus on all things sweet. In fact he's become the go-to man for Paris pastry, which is a blessing in a city that overflows with sweets. Yes, somehow between blogging, writing cookbooks, and a personal memoir, he found time to sample over 300 pastries in the City of Light. Here are 9 of his top picks. More

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