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Williamsburg's Patisserie Tomoko Offers a Lovely Three-Course Dessert Prix Fixe

Lauren Rothman Post a comment

In a sweets-only kitchen, producing course after course of desserts that keep the diner eating and don't dull her palate with sugar is challenging, but Patisserie Tomoko in Williamsburg gets it right. More

Market Tour: Slodycze Wedel is Greenpoint's Go-To for Polish Candy

Ben Jay 5 comments

Poland is home to a remarkably vibrant and under appreciated candy culture, and brands like E. Wedel and Wawel are a key part of Poland's national identity. Słodycze Wedel in Greenpoint, home to one of New York's largest Polish communities, is the candy store the neighborhood deserves. Since opening about 15 years ago, Słodycze Wedel has become not just a necessary Polish candy shop, but one of Brooklyn's best candy shops period, More

First Look: Robicelli's Opens Their First Stand-Alone Bakery in Bay Ridge

Chris E. Crowley Post a comment

On November 26th, Allison and Matt Robicelli soft opened the first stand-alone location of their popular bakery, Robicelli's, on an unlikely block of Third Avenue in Bay Ridge. The bakery is selling the couple's popular cupcakes, but that's just the beginning. More

Agatha Kulaga and Erin Patinkin of Ovenly Share Their Guide to Eating Sweets in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Stef Shapira Post a comment

A traditionally Polish neighborhood in North Brooklyn, Greenpoint is quickly becoming a mecca for new and interesting food establishments. Agatha Kulaga and Erin Patinkin, the dynamic duo behind Ovenly, have played a large part in the neighborhood's boom, with their salty-sweet baked goods and snacks. Here are some of their favorite places to satisfy a sweet tooth in the North Brooklyn hood. More

Spotted: The One and Only Roshen's Kyiv Cake in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn

Linnea Zielinski 3 comments

Though they may not be well known in the U.S., Ukraine offers an astonishing array of tempting desserts, from homemade cyrnyky (cheese pancakes) topped with strawberry sorbet to row upon row of truffles at the local bazaar or grocery store. None of them, however, are as beloved as candy company Roshen's Kyivc'kiy tort (Kyiv cake). After a hunt, one New Yorker finds out you you can get the real deal in Brooklyn. More

A Morning with the Donut Robot at 606 R&D in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn

Lauren Rothman 4 comments

If you step into 606 R&D on Vanderbilt Avenue at the right time of morning, you'll immediately notice the tantalizing aroma of fried dough hanging in the air. That's because the Donut Robot is in action, turning out dozens of fresh, hot cake doughnuts. More

First Look: Odd Fellows Ice Cream, a wd~50 Vet's Scoop Shop in Williamsburg

Max Falkowitz 4 comments

The former pastry chef of wd~50 (and yup, that small-batch mayo shop in Prospect Heights) has opened a scoop shop in Williamsburg. The opening lineup of flavors includes vanilla, strawberry, and sweet cream. It also includes chorizo caramel. More

First Look: Leske's Bakery, Brooklyn, NY

Lauren Rothman 4 comments

Leske's is a bakery with a history. Opened in 1961, the bakery's German owners catered to the tastes of their mostly Scandinavian Bay Ridge neighbors by offering traditional Nordic-style pastries such as kringler, bear claws, and kanelbullar. After closing in 2011, Leske's was bought by new owners who reopened the Bay Ridge location and, most recently, opened a second shop on Fifth Avenue in Park Slope. We stopped by the new location to try pastries old and new. More

First Look: The Sweets at Runner and Stone, Brooklyn, NY

Sophie Caterina Slesinger Post a comment

Click through the slideshow for a look into the pastry at Runner and Stone, a new bakery and restaurant in Gowanus, Brooklyn, featuring classic French pastry and a stellar use of simple ingredients. More

Ask the Pastry Chef: What to Eat at Colson Patisserie, Brooklyn

Stef Shapira 2 comments

The popular Brooklyn outpost of Colson Patisserie is known for their traditional Belgian and French pastries. It's hard to deicide what to order when everything looks good, so we asked Hubert Colson and co-owner Yonatan Israel for their top picks. More

First Look: Du Jour Bakery, Brooklyn

Lauren Rothman Post a comment

The husband-and-wife team behind Du Jour describe their style as a mix between classical French pastry technique and American-style comfort food. "We know our viennoiserie—but we also know our apple turnovers," T.J. Obias explained. So what unites everything at this new bakery in Park Slope? The technique. More

Do Biodegradable Spoons Ruin the Ice Cream Experience?

Erin Zimmer 30 comments

There's something about a cold metal spoon, especially the long ones for parfait glasses, to shovel up ice cream. The metal probably isn't helping the ozone layer or saving panda bears, but it's just one of those things you... More

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