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6 of Our Favorite Sweets Cookbooks of 2011

Caroline Russock 1 comment

Whether you've got a confectionary whiz, amateur ice cream maker, aspiring pastry chef, or pal with a serious sweet tooth on your gift list, we hope this list of 6 of our favorite sweets cookbooks of 2011 will help you find the perfect present. More

Book Giveaway: Pastry Paris, Because Everything in Paris Looks Like Dessert

Christine Chung Closed

Pastry Paris is equal parts incredible food picture book and historical narrative. It's a chronicle of French pastries, telling the story of pastries past and present. Author Susan Hochbaum shows that in France, pastries aren't just exclusive to the cute patisseries lining cobbled streets; they're literally everywhere, echoed in the city's very architecture. More

Book Review: 'The New Taste of Chocolate, Revised' by Maricel Presilla

Liz Gutman 1 comment

There are endless ways to categorize books on chocolate. Professional vs. home cooks; academic vs. flashy; or cookbooks vs. history books. Maricel Presilla's The New History Of Chocolate, Revised falls somewhere in the middle of...well, everything. More

5 Great Books About Chocolate

Liz Gutman 6 comments

Chocolate is a complex thing—its history, properties, lore, chemistry and uses fill volumes and volumes of books. I'm always looking to expand my knowledge, and thought I'd share some of my favorite chocolate-related tomes this week. Since my space here is limited, this is by no means a comprehensive or scientifically compiled list. Please jump in and add your favorites! I'm always looking for new reading material. More

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