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One Bowl Baking: Brown Sugar Berry Crumble Muffins

One Bowl Baking Yvonne Ruperti 2 comments

Rich with brown sugar and tangy yogurt, these super moist and tender berry muffins are topped with a crunchy buttery streusel. More

Bake the Book: Blueberry-Meyer Lemon Muffins

Emma Kobolakis 2 comments

Blueberry muffins, the breakfast standby. This version is packed with berries, and the cake itself is brightened with Meyer lemon zest and juice. More

Preserved: Blueberry Peach Jam

Preserved Emily Teel Post a comment

In this jam, pureed peaches provide a velvety texture and a sweet yet tart canvas for blueberries to really shine. More

Make This Now: Blueberry Cookies

Carrie Vasios Mullins 1 comment

I refuse to play into today's portmanteau loving culture, but yes, one might call this a sort of mookie—a muffin-cookie hybrid that is, I believe, the best of both worlds. More

From the Pastry Dungeon: Pickled Blueberry Sorbet

Very Small Anna Anna Markow 2 comments

The natural pectin in blueberries helps keep this pickled blueberry smooth, and the vinegar helps balance the sweetness of both the berries and the maple syrup. The combination of spices adds a complex punch to the senses. More

Scooped: Blueberry-Lime Ice Cream

Scooped Max Falkowitz Post a comment

A berry cobbler masquerading as ice cream, this recipe adds lime, cinnamon, and star anise for a more complex but still approachable scoop great on pound cake. More

Wake and Bake: Blueberry Buttermilk Bread

Wake and Bake Carrie Vasios Mullins Post a comment

Having a brunch for four? Try this already scaled recipe for mini blueberry buttermilk loaves. More

Pie of the Week: Blueberry-Blackberry Pie with Pretzel Crust

Sarah Baird 6 comments

This light ice box pie is full of sweet blueberries and blackberries in a crunchy pretzel crust. More

Cookie Monster: Blueberry Almond Macaroons

Cookie Monster Carrie Vasios Mullins 1 comment

Jazzing up your coconut macaroons with fresh fruit and nuts couldn't be simpler or more rewarding. More

Preserved: Blueberry Rhubarb Jam with Maple Syrup

Preserved Lucy Baker 2 comments

The resulting jam is, quite honestly, one of the best I've ever made for this column. Thick, silky, and speckled with tiny chunks of blueberries, it has a pronounced maple flavor and is lightly scented with star anise, cinnamon, and vanilla. More

Cookie Monster: Blueberry Almond Cookies

Cookie Monster Carrie Vasios Mullins Post a comment

You know that scene in Willie Wonka where the gum-chewing, smart-talking Violet insists on trying an experimental chewing gum that tastes like a three course meal? And then during the last course, blueberry pie, she actually becomes a blueberry and has to be rolled to the juicing room where she may or may not be drained before she bursts and dies? You do? Good. Because that scene has haunted me since I was a child. More

Cookie Monster: Blueberry Thumbprints

Cookie Monster Carrie Vasios Mullins 4 comments

These gem-like cookies are as pretty as they are delicious. The base is a dense butter shortbread. A mix of almond and regular flour gives imparts a bit of nuttiness and creates a satisfying chew. More

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