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We Try Dairy Queen's Choco Covered Strawberry Blizzard

Todd Brock 2 comments

Chocolate-covered strawberries are the quintessential Valentine's Day treat. So does Dairy Queen's Blizzard version inspire true love or is it an artificial sensation at best? More

Chain Reaction: Dairy Queen's Turtle Brownie Blizzard

Todd Brock 1 comment

The DQ June Blizzard of the Month takes the classic turtle flavor (a chocolate-caramel-pecan trifecta), adds soft serve and even some brownies. Turns out some of this turtle has problems staying afloat. More

Dairy Queen's Caramel Delight Pie Blizzard

Todd Brock 5 comments

It's deceptively simple: "Vanilla soft serve blended with caramel, choco chunks, and pie pieces, all crowned with whipped topping." Based on that description, it doesn't sound like it should be anything special. And at first glance, it's not. But under that pile of whipped topping is a Blizzard that's loaded with plenty to get excited about More

Oreos with DQ Blizzard Creme

Supermarket Sweets Carey Jones 7 comments

We'd never tried Oreos with DQ Blizzard Creme until we came across a pack this week, when shopping for our chocolate sandwich cookie taste test. It's a curious idea: an Oreo whose cream is flavored like cream mixed with Oreo? A meta-Oreo? It kinda boggles the mind. More

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