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Behind the Scenes: Making Edible Blown Glass at Aureole, NYC

Laura Togut 7 comments

At Michelin-starred restaurant Aureole in New York, they use a technique very similar to glass-blowing to make one of the most whimsical garnishes I've seen come out of a pastry department. We went behind the scenes to see how they're made. More

Behind the Scenes: A Study in Chocolate with Maison Kayser

Eunice Choi Post a comment

Made with a chocolate crust, filled with a chocolate cream, topped with a chocolate glaze, and finished with a chocolate disc and a truffle, Maison Kayser's Chocolate Tart is truly a study in chocolate. We went behind the scenes to see how it's made. More

14 Things You Might Not Know About Ben & Jerry's

Erin Jackson 17 comments

During a trip to Ben and Jerry's HQ in Vermont, I learned a lot of interesting facts about the company (between ice cream feedings). For instance, did you know Ben & Jerry's employees get three free pints a day every day? Oh yes, it's true. Read on for more. More

Behind the Scenes: Making (and Setting Fire to) DBGB's Baked Alaska

Laura Togut 5 comments

[Photographs: Laura Togut] In my humble opinion, ice cream is basically proof that god loves us and wants us to be happy. So what could be better? I dunno... OH WAIT. ICE CREAM THAT YOU LIGHT ON FIRE. Enter the... More

Behind the Scenes: Making Gelato Cake at Vitaly

Joy Hui Lin Post a comment

Forget ice cream cake. Take a behind the scenes look at how to make the strawberry laden Custard Crema gelato cake at Vitaly. More

Behind the Scenes V-Day Edition: Making Rose Chocolates with Roni-Sue

Laura Togut Post a comment

Roni-Sue's Chocolates should already be on your radar for Valentine's Day indulgences. But in case you wanted to know more, we went to their Lower East Side chocolate shoppe to see how their special rose-flavored truffles are born. More

Behind the Scenes in Momofuku Milk Bar's Kitchen: Making Strawberry-Lemon Layer Cake

Jamie Feldmar 12 comments

We pay a visit to Milk Bar's kitchen in Brooklyn to learn how to make layer cakes with Christina Tosi. (And eat several pounds of cake scraps along the way.) More

Behind the Scenes: How to Make the Olive Oil Cake at Michael White's Ai Fiori

Laura Togut 1 comment

See how the dessert that Ai Fiori "can't take off the menu" is made. More

The Mastery of Tasting Chocolate

Liz Clayton Post a comment

As with wine and coffee, chocolate lovers increasingly have the benefit of being able to identify incredibly specific growing origins of their favorite finished product. But do we make assumptions we shouldn't based on the label? What can we really know about what a chocolate is going to taste like based on the country of origin written on the bar? More

Behind the Scenes: Growing Cacao in the Dominican Republic

Liz Clayton 3 comments

In one of life's not-so-small miracles, chocolate really does grow on trees. And in the rainy hills of the Dominican Republic, this is especially true. Serious Sweets recently ventured to this lush island with French chocolatier Valrhona for a tour of their partner farms and a crash course in the DR cacao landscape. More

Behind The Scenes: Frozen Goat Cheese Souffle at A.lure, Savannah, GA

Erin Jackson 2 comments

In Savannah, classic Southern sweets like pecan pie and key lime pie dominate most dessert menus, but that's not the case a A.lure, where you'll find more inspired options like this frozen goat cheese soufflé. Check out a behind-the-scenes slideshow to see how this creamy, cheesy, and cold dessert comes together. More

Behind The Scenes: Making Pumpkin Flan at Azúcar, San Diego

Erin Jackson 1 comment

Pumpkin cake on the bottom, pumpkin flan in the middle, and salted pumpkin seed brittle on top: if you're looking for an alternative to pumpkin pie that still captures the essence of the season, you'll find it at Azúcar. More

Behind the Scenes: Making Toasted Marshmallow Soft Serve With Tiffany MacIsaac at Red Apron, DC

Brian Oh 8 comments

We popped into the Red Apron Butchery at Union Market to see Tiffany MacIsaac take a blowtorch to some marshmallows and make some awesome soft serve. More

Behind the Scenes: Berry Pie With a Cookie Crust at Cusp in La Jolla, CA

Erin Jackson 3 comments

Have you ever thought about using cookie dough as a pie crust? It's shockingly simple (and delicious). More

Behind the Scenes: Plating the Candy Box at Glass, Berlin

Katherine Sacks 2 comments

At Berlin restaurant Glass, chef Gal Ben Moshe updates the kid's candy bag with his modern table side dessert, 'The Candy Box.' Almost too pretty to eat, it's a decadent celebration of his childhood memories and impressive background. We got a behind the scenes look at his plating process, including a liquid nitrogen smoke fest. More

Behind the Scenes: Making the Grapefruit Givre at Boulud Sud, NYC

Laura Togut 4 comments

With so many textures layered together, every bite of the grapefruit givre from Boulud Sud is delightful—and no two bites are the same. We went behind the scenes with Executive Pastry Chef Ghaya Oliveria to see how she makes this popular dessert. More

Photo Diary: A Day in the Life of Cookbook Author and Recipe Developer Grace Parisi

Carrie Vasios Mullins 1 comment

Ever wondered what life looks like for a food writer? We stopped in with Grace Parisi, James Beard-nominated cookbook author and former Senior Test Kitchen Editor at Food and Wine Magazine, to sneak a peek. More

Behind the Scenes: The Opera Cream Cake at The BonBonerie, Cincinnati

Jacqueline Raposo 6 comments

The BonBonerie in Cincinnati inspires loyalty on a grand scale, as almost everything they make—from celebration cakes to simply iced cookies—will have someone claiming it as their "favorite". We went into the kitchen to see how their signature Opera Cream Cake is made, step by step. More

Behind the Scenes: Back Door Donuts in Martha's Vineyard

Laura Togut 5 comments

Have you ever had a doughnut fresh from the fryer? The difference between a doughnut that was fried 10 minutes ago and one that was fried 30 seconds ago is unfathomable. That's what you can get at Back Door Donuts, and we got a peek at the process. More

Shaping Marzipan at Wald Konigsberger Marzipan, Berlin

Katherine Sacks 5 comments

At Berlin's Wald Konigsberger Marzipan, Ralf Bentlin makes marzipan the Old World way, using a recipe passed down three generations. The recipe is top secret, but the master craftsman recently showed us how to shape his marzipan into their fancy shapes. More

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