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Let Them Eat: Red Velvet Cake

You're disappointed, aren't you? You read the title "red velvet cake" and don't see the shade of lipstick red you've come to expect. Well, get over it. If you really look inside your soul and search your tastebuds, you will, like me, come to the harsh realization that red velvet is a fiction. Those bright carmine cupcakes peddled by overhyped bakeries are dry, stale, and lacking in flavor and substance. Sure, they're pretty, but wouldn't you rather bite into a buttery, fine-crumbed cake that's got a surprising blend of flavors, even if it comes in a less saucy shade of red? More

Bake the Book: Farmer's Secret Chocolate Bundt Cake

Why would you want to throw beets and zucchini into a perfectly good chocolate cake? Well, there are a couple of reasons. The grated vegetables add a great deal of moisture to the cake, keeping butter and fats to a minimum. Once cooked, the zucchini and beets practically melt into the cake. Enjoying a hearty slice of this dense and chocolaty Bundt cake is essentially the same thing as chowing down on a plate of healthy vegetables, right? More

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