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How America Ate: Clementine Paddleford and America's Pies

Boston Marlborough Pie recipe might be old-fashioned, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't have a place at your holiday table. It's an apple pie, sure, but not the usual double crust, cinnamon-spiced one we're used to eating. The hallmark of a Marlborough Pie is applesauce instead of sliced apples, with lots of lemon to tart things up and eggs for thickener: a sharp, delicious apple custard, "a glorification of everyday apple." More

Taste Test: Frozen Apple Pies

As we said in our pumpkin pie taste-test, we're not big on endorsing frozen pies. The insta-pie typically tastes wrong and sad, but we realize how crazy the holidays get so we ventured into the freezer section to see if any decent frozen apple pies existed. Could they taste homemade? At all? Or more like a McDonald's apple pie pocket, which, for the record, we all need sometimes. We tried six brands: three of the classics (Marie Callenders, Sara Lee, and Mrs. Smith's) and three less processed, more "all natural" pies (Vermont Mystic, Amy's, and Wholly Wholsome). Many scoops of vanilla ice cream later, we found two winners. More

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